Japanese technique of preserving/antiquing wood


Ancient practices can seem a bit strange nowadays, but some of them are surprisingly effective. Such is this next technique, an ancient Japanese one that helps you preserve wood with the use of fire. This seems quite odd at first, but let us tell you more about it. The process is called Shou Sugi Ban and it refers to the charring, cooling and cleaning of wood. By treating the wood with fire, you can make it more resistant and preserve it for a long time, even make it fire resistant. This natural technique is still very popular in Okayama, Japan and it is used by professional, such as architects and designers on a daily basis. The wood that was treated this way will last up to 80 years and will have a beautiful and very specific finishing. To learn more about the Shou Sugi Ban, watch the video below…







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    Hello, great article! Do you know where I can buy that door latch? I’d love it for my shed. I tried googling “drop bar latch” and lots of combinations of it, but couldn’t find anyone who seeks that design. Thanks!

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