Jay sold his £250k home and moved into a shipping container

Some people can turn around their lives in no seconds when they get an extra push. It is the case of Jay Adler, who got separated from his wife of eight years and decided to take another big step in his life. As a response to this, he quit his job in marketing, sold his £250,000 home, and decided to move into a 20ft by 8ft shipping container to try another kind of lifestyle.
This all happened in the year 2020, one that was hard on everyone and one in which the 30-year-old decided to move to a container home and also open a bar. Jay has been living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire when he decided to sell his home, and transform a shipping container into his new house with only £3000.
He also bought other two shipping containers to open a bar called The Outdoor Inn that he now managed together with his business partner, Matt Nolan. But Jay’s biggest achievement is that by choosing to sell his expensive and hard-to-maintain apartment and going off-the-grid, he also manages to save £700 per month.
This money can be used for further investments or pursuing other passions and hobbies that make life so enjoyable.

Jay saves £700 a month and says he’s never been happier

“I had a house, a wife and an office job, as well as a very standard life. I never really signed up for that, it kind of just happened.”

Jay loves his new living space – and has filled it with creature comforts

“I also use a fan heater for circulation, because shipping containers are prone to condensation and moisture build-up, so that helps with that problem.

“I’ve insulated the walls, too, and have another heater, so that really helps now we’re coming into winter.”

Most of the time, Jay lives alone in the compact but bijou space but he has entertained at the container – not only inviting some mates over for a few beers around his fire pit outside, but also letting them stay over.

And everyone has praised his new digs and his minimalist lifestyle in an idyllic setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre.

Jay said: “My friends really understand where I’m coming from with it. I don’t have as much in the way of possessions as I used to.

Jay attached a shed to become his toilet and shower

Jay’s monthly outgoings before
Mortgage – £500
Utilities – £100
Car- £100
Council tax – £60
Mobile phone contract – £40
Internet – £25
Food – £200
TOTAL: £1,025

Jay’s monthly outgoings now
Rent and utilities – £200
Laundrette – £30
Food – £70
Mobile hotspot – £25
TOTAL – £325

A close up of Jay Adler’s living area/ bed (PA Real Life/ Collect)

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