These Kaleidoscopic Smart Lamps Turn Any Room Into a Mesmerizing Light Show

Step into the enchanting world of lighting design with Hyperspace Lighting’s HyperHedra series, a dazzling collection of kaleidoscopic smart lamps that transform any room into a mesmerizing light show. Crafted by the imaginative minds at Hyperspace Lighting, these lamps are not just fixtures but rather an immersive fusion of art and technology. The series introduces two captivating models: the HyperHedron and the HyperPyramid, each designed to evoke a psychedelic ambiance that captivates and enchants.

The HyperHedra lamps are a marvel of versatility and creativity. Once activated, these mood lamps take on a life of their own, automatically cycling through a kaleidoscope of new patterns every minute, seamlessly blending one into the next. With an astonishing array of over 16 million color combinations shifting every 10 seconds, these lamps promise a visual feast that keeps evolving. Moreover, users can choose from three distinct modes – kaleidoscopic, meditative, and sound-reactive – allowing for a customized experience tailored to the atmosphere of any space.

The lamps can be effortlessly controlled through a user-friendly app on your phone, providing convenience and personalization. With portability in mind, the lamps can be charged via a USB-C cord, ensuring that the mesmerizing light show can travel with you wherever you go. For those eager to bring these illuminating marvels into their lives, the HyperHedron (11 inches) is available for an Early Bird price of $130, while the larger HyperPyramid (15 inches) can be acquired for $250 through Kickstarter.

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