Archeologists Discover a Perfectly Preserved 4,000-Year-Old Tomb in Egypt

Egypt is full of hidden treasures and archaeologists have yet again uncovered an ancient tomb. It is a colorful tomb in Saqqara, the place of some of the oldest pyramids. The tomb is in an excellent state, and its paintings look so fresh and clean, even though they were made 4,000 years ago.

The site was recently visited by high-rank officials and the tour was conducted by professor Khaled al-Enani, who is the Minister of Antiquities in Egypt. From the investigations done so far, it is suspected that the tomb was built during the Fifth Dynasty and this is supposed to be the resting place of a dignitary named Khuwy.
The tunneled entrance of the tomb suggests the important role the deceased had in ancient Egyptian society and the colors used in the paintings of the wall are considered to be „royal colors”.
There are still many mysteries surrounding the newly-found tomb and its resident, but archaeologists are doing some more digging and exploring the area. Who knows what other treasures might resurface after careful explorations?


This isn’t the only amazing unveiling the Ministry of Antiquities has surprised us with lately. In fact, in 2018, they found other “exceptionally well-preserved” drawings in the same area of Saqarra, along with a massive cat cemetery and a rare, mummified scarab beetle collection. Not to mention – another tomb.

“In December 2018, officials announced that a tomb belonging to a priest named Wahtye, who served during the fifth dynasty reign of King Neferirkare (between 2500-2300 BC), was also unearthed in Saqqara,” says

Egypt’s incredible and jaw-dropping discoveries are giving them hope that tourism will start to rise for the country – something that hasn’t been the same since political upheaval in 2011.


What do you think of this amazing discovery? It’s amazing to think about what else archeologists haven’t uncovered yet.

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  1. Marianne Cottone says:

    It’s amazing, I’m so very interested of the works of.the Egyptian dynasty, there works were meant to last for eternity.

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