Researchers Discover King Tut’s Dagger Was Forged From a Meteorite

King Tut has always been an enigma to historians, and there is a mystery involving him even from the early days of his tomb’s discovery in 1922.
Tutankhamun began his reign very early when he was only nine years old and ruled for nine years, but most of the things know about his life have been discovered after the finding of his tomb.
One of the most interesting objects that have been buried with him, is his dagger which seems to be from another world.

The dagger has a blade made of iron and a gold handle, things that looked very traditional until scientists have examined the dagger more closely. After x-raying the iron used to make the blade, analysis has shown that it contained traces of nickel and cobalt and which concluded in it being a part of an iron meteorite.

In King Tut’s time, iron was such a rare material that it was more valuable than gold, and in 2016 a study was published which indicates which exact meteorite was used to carve the dagger. They have searched for meteorite sites that have been recorded around Tutankhamun’s empire and found the Kharga meteorite which fits the description.
This is such an incredible discovery, and to think that ancient Egyptians saw the meteorite land and used it to make weapons, is truly mesmerizing.

Toluca Iron Meteorite


Toluca Iron Meteorite

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