Kolarbyn Ecolodge is called “Sweden’s most primitive hotel”

People tend to associate hotel with a modern building. The next piece of basic architecture shows us this shouldn’t be the case. A retreat from the ordinary, this eco-lodge will return you back to the roots of humankind. Located in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, the STF Kolarbyn has been named the country’s most primitive hotel. The site has been used for hundreds of years as a place of interest by the locals. That is why only timber, earth and sod were purposed in the 20-year-old building in order to preserve traditions. The destination is not for comfortable people. Any visitor has to cook, collect water, gather lumber and any other outdoor activity a person living in the woods might do. But the scenery and overall experience will give you a satisfaction which modern hotels can’t provide.


Kolarbyn Ecolodge is called “Sweden’s most primitive hotel”!


Because there is:

  • no electricity
  • no showers
  • nothing fancy at all, just natural mysteriousness!

And that is precisely why you are going to love this place!

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