Learn How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress


You might not consider caring after the mattress of your bed to be of much value for your lifestyle. But either because of allergies or just wanting to sleep in a healthy bed can depend on the freshness of your mattress. Sure you could make sure the bed covers are neatly washed but the mattress has its own role in providing a well-deserved sleep. The solution for such need of freshness lies in a natural mix of lavender oil and baking soda. Just check out the tutorial and the result will come in no time. No detergents or any chemical concoctions, just a plain natural mix sprinkled on your mattress. Read the entire thing to be certain you’ve done the whole process correctly and maybe learn a new trick. Don’t forget to share the good news with your friends and invite them to know the secrets to a fresh mattress all the time.


Learn How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress – One Good Thing by Jillee

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  1. nerdsleep says:

    your read your tutorial I am not clear. plz try to more photo how we clean our mattress.

    anyway thanks for your sharing

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