LEGO Botanical Series to Get Upgraded with Vibrant Chrysanthemum and Plum Blossom Brick Sets

It’s difficult to imagine that 92 years ago when the LEGO brick was first introduced to the world, the humble piece of plastic would transform into such a versatile element of creativity. Whether it’s used to make replicas of objects, actual functioning products, or even scaled-down versions of cars and monuments, LEGO bricks have evolved well beyond the simple cuboid-shaped, single-colored pieces that they used to be decades ago. Heck, we’ve even managed to turn the bricks into a flourishing movie franchise! These innovative transformations highlight LEGO’s journey from simple children’s toys to intricate models appealing to hobbyists of all ages.

I digress, but this is just to preface the fact that LEGO is planning on expanding its already popular Botanical collection with newer pieces that bring nature’s grand diversity to your homes. Although not officially announced by LEGO, sleuths on the internet have found images for two new additions to the Botanical collection – a Chrysanthemum plant and a Plum Blossom plant. Vibrant in color, with a beautiful balance between abstract and biophilic, these plants are a gorgeous addition to homes. They come with stands that let you place them on coffee tables, credenzas, or even bookshelves, adding a touch of undying plant beauty to your space. No green thumb is required! The Chrysanthemum set, with 278 pieces, stands at 26cm and is priced at €28.95, making it an affordable entry to the Botanical Collection. The Plum Blossom, larger at 327 pieces and 34cm in height, complements the Chrysanthemum with elegant design and innovative parts usage. Both sets are anticipated for release on August 1, 2024, and hint at potential future releases such as bamboo and orchid, further enriching the Botanical series.

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