Life Casting Starter Kit

Memories to last a lifetime, with the ones you love. UNIQUE molding process creates an exact replica with fingerprint detail. This TABLE TOP intertwined style casting is an incredible experience with beautiful results. Get your Life Casting Starter Kit from the link below…

Life Casting Starter Kit



The Edinburgh Casting Studio

“In January this year I was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer at the age of 30.” :((

“My husband, Ewan… he was with me day and night leaving only when I’d fallen asleep each night.
It reminds us daily that no matter what we are faced with, we will always be hand in hand. Together, we can get through anything!”. You can see more about their story here…

The Edinburgh Casting Studio

This Life Casting Starter Kit is available HERE…

37 Responses to “Life Casting Starter Kit”

  1. Elena espinoza says:

    Please send info on cast price

  2. Daniele Moura says:

    Ola, Amei a novidade, terias um passo a passo. Quero muito aprender a fazer.

  3. Monica Sarmiento says:

    Quisiera saber el material que utilizan y en idioma español

  4. Hello,

    You have used our images and videos without permission. Please remove these immediately.

    The Edinburgh Casting Studio

    • Mike says:

      Hey Studio,
      Get over it. You received tons of free advertising. Nobody is making a profit off this video except you.

      • Lisa says:

        Mike, if you have clicked on the links in the article, you would see that in fact none of them go back to Edinburgh Casting Studio. One takes you to Amazon, where you can find any number of casting kits but NOT the ones sold by the company. Another takes you to the Facebook page of the author introduced in the blog post. So, the only way this company would make money is if you do a search on your own for the studio and then buy a casting kit from them instead of whoever on Amazon. This is a use of someone’s specific creation without their permission. Further, once a copyright owner asks for it to be taken down, it must be. It’s a violation of copyright law not to.
        For the same reason, I cannot — as an online teacher — post an actual video made by someone else to my class page. What I can do is share a link and direct my students to the video to access for themselves. Not only is it a violation of copyright, but also theft if the YouTube channel is set up to get payments from You Tube for each video view.

  5. Andres hoyis says:

    Q materiales se necesita y los pasos a seguir para poder realizar ese proyecto me parece fabuloso de las manos

  6. liliana says:

    Material para hacer las manos

  7. Tanny says:

    That is so amazing !!!! I want to do this with my boyfriend. Can u tell me an ingredient?

  8. Likhitha says:

    Its wonderful..could u tell me the ingredient

  9. Alessandra says:

    Material usado?

  10. Icole says:

    Please email me info . I love this!

  11. Maritza adames says:

    Por favor en español.

  12. Gurmeet kaur says:

    Please send tutorial for this..will be thankful to u…

  13. Ediluz says:

    Hi! It is really beatiful can you say me the ingredients to do something similar? c:

  14. Joselma says:

    Que material usar para moldar?????

  15. Cesar garcia says:

    Me interesa

  16. Noelia mora says:

    Me gustaria saber que materiales necesito para hacer lo de las manos, donde encontrarlo y el paso a paso de como hacerlo….en Español

    Muchas gracias

  17. Karen Thompson says:

    I want information on this how much

  18. Jscquie Kennerson says:

    There’s so many varied opionions on how the turn it. I have ONE SHOT & ONE SHOT OKNLY to get this right before I move 2000mi away from my mom. Do if any of you that had really great success with this or another product the do the 2 hands holding, I really appreciate an email to let me know.
    I want this of myself & mom. Please any advice will help.
    [email protected]

    Thank you so much

  19. Carlos catalán says:

    Que materiales se necesitan

  20. Arputhasureha says:

    I want to try this .can you tell me the ingredient

  21. Soheyla says:

    Hy.plese wath is material?

  22. Maria says:

    Que materiales se necesitan para realizar el proyecto de las manos ? Gracias

  23. Seipati says:

    Hi please send me the price or info on casting ingredients

  24. Indiaar Nicolodi says:

    Bom dia, ideia maravilhosa teria como informar o passo a passo e o material utilizado. Quero muito aprender.

  25. vicky says:

    Nice idea. Can u tell me please the ingredients

  26. Marcia says:

    Nao entendo ingles , pode passar quais produtos uso em portugues?amei , si podsivel o passo a passo obrigado

  27. DANIEL says:

    No Brasil tem um produto que se chama alginato. É usado para fazer molde dentário. Pode ser utilizado para fazer molde de mão também. No YouTube existem vários vídeos ensinando como fazer.

  28. katiia says:

    gente .esse material massento e
    e a massa das mais e de cimento ou concreto. já vende pronto so acrecentar agua.

  29. Jirka says:

    I’m interested in the price of the hand print set. I would like to give my girlfriend a chance to get to know our anniversary.

  30. nammi lim says:

    Hello, everyone!This is South Korea. I’d like to make a model for you.Can I buy some materials?

  31. Sanel Moises says:

    Hi i would like to buy your product and do this as a business. Iam in Mozambique

  32. Elenir De Matos says:

    Quero saber onde compro este produto e qual produto ???

  33. Michele Carnduff says:

    nice, I was wondering… can I do my sons faces n grandson? is hands all you can do?

  34. komal says:

    How long it will take to change the color of molding powder.
    Plzzz plzzz reply

  35. komal says:

    How long it will take to change the color of molding powder.

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