Life-Sized Elephant Sculptures Take Over London in a Global Migration for Conservation

With global warming and climate change, a lot of species on Earth face the dangers of going extinct. Elephants are losing large parts of their habitat because of the changing weather and mass deforestation and NGOs are trying to raise awareness in London on matters regarding conservation.

The CoExistence project was launched by Elephant Family and The Real Elephant Collective and is a series of 100 lantana elephant sculptures created by several artists. The installations can be seen on London’s streets and are life-sized, which makes them truly impressive.
The elephants are all hand-carved by Indigenous communities from Tamil Nadu, India, and have traveled a long way to London to be the central pieces of the awareness campaign. The installations are there to remind people and that animals and humans can coexist and live in peace, without having to harm each other and constantly fight for survival.
The CoExistence project aims to open people’s eyes to the conservationist movement and acknowledge the immense value animals bring to our planet. Preservation of the species and their natural habitat can only happen if mankind starts to take common action to end harmful practices and the destruction of nature.

The elephants migrated into London in early May, and a total of eight separate herds were on public display, distributed throughout London’s Royal Parks and Berkley Square.

Hand-crafted by Indigenous communities in the jungles of Tamil Nadu, they carry a message that encourages people to change the way we live by coexisting with the wildlife and nature around us.

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