Lifelong Best Friends Built These Tiny Houses So They Could Live Right Next to Each Other

When you’re young, you usually want to spend all the time with your friends. As people grow up, this idea slowly fades away. For the people featured in this next story, it’s not the case. They have built their tiny houses next to each other so they can live in a friendly neighborhood (literally) and have fun together. For the latter they have set up a 1,500-square-foot community building. That is commitment! Houses have a modern design and they are custom made for fitting the needs of the owners. When you see the photos you won’t believe that the price tag for each home was under $40.000. Also, all of the structures are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.


They purchased a gorgeous piece of land on the Llano River in Texas, right outside of Austin, and at first they considered building one large house.

The couples purchased land along the Llano River, right on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

Initially, they were thinking of just making one huge house, but they decided a little personal space is always good, even for best friends.

Each single-unit cabin is 400 square feet and cost $40,000 to build.

They dubbed their tiny house oasis the “Llano Exit Strategy.”

They paid attention to sustainability as well, building passive, low-impact buildings that blend beautifully into their environment.

The galvanized metal siding helps rebound harsh rays.


Could you live here with your closest friends?

All photographs courtesy of Alexander Stross.

More info: (h/t: huffpost)

13 Responses to “Lifelong Best Friends Built These Tiny Houses So They Could Live Right Next to Each Other”

  1. m. smith says:

    I would like more info on who designed these? Who to contact for plans?

    Thank you,


  2. Jason says:

    Great stuff!

  3. Laurie Butler says:

    Where’s the bathroom? Maybe they need a Natures Head.

  4. Steff says:

    Please could you show us the floor plans?

  5. Dhiraj Chaddha says:

    5 of our friends are intrested into such property in India. Pl provide more details by mail

  6. Kristi Howard says:

    I would love to see floor plans

  7. MadGreek says:

    Its a simple box frame structure with a lil of imagination u can build it for less than $30 k a piece . Just beed to be lil more frugal .

  8. Linda says:

    I love the idea. 40,000 must include the cost of land right?

  9. Suzette says:

    Interested in building about five or six of these on some acreage in Ellensburg Washington… Outside of the city limits…Is that possible

  10. Agust Pedersen says:

    Heck I could live there with them…… Awsome idea..

  11. Tara says:

    Where is the kitchen?

  12. Linda Grissom says:

    How can we learn more about these houses? I am going to need to move onto my son’s land near Blanco and these look more spacious than other tiny home pictures I’ve seen.

  13. Traci St-pierre says:

    I’d love more info on these houses,where’s the bathroom and kitchen

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