Living Willow Outdoor Structure

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure

Spending time outside in the garden is quite the wonderful opportunity to get closer to Nature. If you’re lucky enough to have a green area for lounging during the mornings or evenings, than the following project will become your favorite quickly. The Living Willow Structure is actually another living room in your yard; a natural and green one! Of course, it will take some time for it to develop to its perfect size. In this regard it’s nothing like a piece of IKEA furniture, so don’t expect anything like that, this will require some patience and work from your part. Check out how Bonnie Gale managed to make this impressive structure and try to make a lovely piece of `outside living room`, perfect for small friendly gatherings and romantic occasions as well.

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-1

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-2

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-2

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-3

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-4

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-5

Living-Willo- Outdoor-Structure-6

Living Willow Structures by Bonnie Gale – Open Gazebos, Bridgehampton, New York

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10 Responses to “Living Willow Outdoor Structure”

  1. Ellen sloan says:

    Love your website!

  2. harry says:

    Very good idea for a outside living space to party and enjoy friends

  3. Kathie says:

    You are not specifying what variety of Willow You are using or what is suitable for this.

  4. Carol says:

    OK, so if I wanted to do this on my backyard, how would I do it?

  5. Cheri says:

    It is lovely but my experience with willows in general is that they drop sap something fierce. How is that problem handled?

  6. joyce says:

    could you use bamboo?

  7. jerry shenk says:

    What happens as these willows grow? In 5 years, these 1″ willow branches will be 5″ in diameter…in 10 years, it will be a solid wall. Or maybe I’m thinking of the wrong type of willow.

    I did a quick search on google for “living willow” and got quite a few hits. I have a tree-covered property…probably wouldn’t work too well for me anyway.

  8. Tulessa Slone says:

    Watch out for the worms and bugs!

  9. Lou Servinis says:

    There are restrictions as to where willows can be planted – they are water lovers and will quickly find sewage pipes etc and strangle them!

  10. Patricia lafler says:

    Where can you buy willow sticklings in the USA, is there any web site that’s sells bunches? Thanks

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