Log Cabin Plans Under 1500 SF


Log homes are increasingly popular as more and more people try to escape from the stress of urban life. The city environment is nothing compared to the relaxation that nature ensues. The feeling of having actual sections of trees protecting you from every side of your room will make you more aware of the importance Nature has. A residence under 1500 square feet can be just what you can afford, especially if the move to such a log home is not permanent but depending on the free weekends. That’s why we found a few floor plans with these characteristics. From these you can build the log home of your dream, according to what you want and desire. Check out all of the designs provided and get closer to the decision of moving to a log cabin permanently, not just on weekends.

1. Cottonwood Log Cabin – 528 SF



2. Ultimate Deer Camp Log Cabin – 667 SF




3. Guest Log Cabin – Log – 320 SF

Guest-log-cabin-1 Guest-log-cabin-2


4. The Islander Log Cabin – 936 SF

islander-1 islander-2

11 Responses to “Log Cabin Plans Under 1500 SF”

  1. Elainne says:

    Pryse asb

  2. Kenneth Perez says:

    Very interested in cost and to build in Oregon Klamath falls .

  3. Brenda says:

    Great idea. Would like to try it out..

  4. Laurel Campbell says:

    Interested in something near Dauphin PA

  5. Nick says:

    Some great designs there, love them. The cabins look great.

  6. Shirley Staveley says:

    Hi there,
    I have always dreamed of living in a wooden cottage. I am 55 years old now and still renting (immigrated to Australia in 2009)

    I would love to live in a Retirement Village in a Cottonwood Cottage in the not too distant future.


    Shirley Staveley

  7. ladona gumm says:

    I love ur plans. My husband use to build log homes for a living. A very good carpenter and I have always dreamed of owning one for ourselves but life and its many twists and turns has not allowed my dream to come true. We have now been married 30 years and still I look at ur plans and only can dream of having a beautiful log home like the ones u show on ur website. Thank you for keeping this girls dream be visualized

  8. ladona gumm says:

    Keeping my hopes and dreams alive

  9. Robyn says:

    I need to know prices for each cabin and where to buy from, thanks.

  10. christy dunne says:

    Always wanted my own log cabin, now living in South Devon, it’s my goal to have one, happy days.

  11. Angela c. Barefield says:

    I love logcabin and the beautiful scenery surrounding them.i love nature and tranquility.watch htv show about log cabins.

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