Man converts van into off-grid survival vehicle (video)

When you mention a survival vehicle, your mind won’t automatically think of a Mitsubishi van. But when you see what John McElhiney from New Zealand has accomplished, you will surely be amazed. The survival vehicle is truly one good piece of engineering. Besides being a functioning 4WD, the transformed van also packs a 40-litre refrigeration unit, pull-out sink, roll-out dining surface, bed, with pantry, water tank and water pump underneath. The 4×4 van is really incredible, being able to absorb power from the Sun and go “under water”. Take a virtual tour of this impressive car and share the inspiration for other off-grid-ers like John and yourself!



This van is a wonderful example of great small space design! It’s a comfortable space for living, but still can be taken to the most adventurous of locations!



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