A Med Student Wanted to Simplify His Life, So He Spent $33,000 Turning a Van Into a Tiny House

Ethan Liebross, a 24-year-old first-year medical student, chose an unconventional lifestyle to simplify his life and enhance his personal growth. Opting out of typical student housing, Liebross bought a 2015 Ford Transit for $20,000 and spent $13,460 converting it into a fully functional, mobile tiny home. Liebross’ van, equipped with solar panels, a kitchenette, and a memory foam mattress, embodies minimalism. Living in the van, Liebross embraces simplicity, believing that it fosters discipline, creativity, and a greater appreciation for life’s small pleasures. His daily routine includes biking to campus, using gym facilities for showers, and cooking meals in his compact kitchen.

Liebross’ decision was influenced by his gap year experience, during which he lived in a smaller van while working as a freelance writer. His current setup is a significant upgrade, providing better sleeping arrangements and a more sustainable lifestyle. Despite the challenges of converting the van within a tight timeframe, Liebross found the process rewarding, especially as it involved working closely with his supportive father. The financial savings are substantial; compared to the high cost of campus housing, Liebross’ van life is a cost-effective alternative. Moreover, he views this lifestyle as preparation for his medical career, teaching him to live minimally and focus on what truly matters.

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