Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobile Home


Increasingly trendy in the high-class world of today, luxury vans are something you require not only for style but also for utility. If there was ever a business opportunity arising in the middle of a formal event you were invited to, the deluxe van offers the perfect setting. Turning your van into a luxury mobile office is thusly not a fad but an investment.There are many examples of such great transformations. Lexani Motors recently let their creativity flow on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Nowadays, when work is wherever you’re office is, a luxury van is not a luxury anymore, but a need.

With impressive leather seating, shiny surfaces and small custom made mini-bar, the interior resembles an ordinary, yet stylish, office room. You can draw the shades for enhanced privacy as the couple of built-in monitors will take care of any surveillance of the area. Stereo boxes offer a smoothing sound, making the ambiance more similar to that of a real office. The coffee maker will surely give you a helping hand with this assignment. There is enough room for storing your files, in the shelves underneath the seats or in the slickly concealed cabinets.


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