Micro Apartments: Modular Building in San Francisco


When thinking about building a home from the ground, you are in a lot of stress. Even after you gathered some money for many years, applied for a credit and everything seems to be going according to plan, inflation strikes you. It’s not just inflation, but the flow of markets, people having to pay their bills and increasing in turn the price of the work they do. From the earlier stages of a building project, everything seems to get more expensive: land, construction trade, etc.
A solution to this continuous struggle is a simple idea brought to you by architects and construction builders: micro-apartments. Look at this San Francisco based project to see how the concept works on site.
The modular apartments are shipped in and placed one on top of each other, to form a 4-story high building. By their very nature, the apartments use far fewer materials to satisfy basic housing needs, so it’s a fast procedure (compared to traditional methods of building a home or a block of flats); and a rather cheap one as well. The idea behind modular building is a statement for affordability.
That’s why the design and materials in use are following hyper-dense, hyper-green, hyper-efficient urban development trends. The inside has modern finishes and a minimalistic décor concept. Light, both natural and artificial is carefully placed and guided so there isn’t a waste of energy and you can direct your finances in other more important areas.






prefab-module-micro-apartment-6 Source: panoramic.com

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  1. Dan says:

    and all of this, only for slaves…

  2. Debbie says:

    PLEASE ADVISE: 1) Sq footage 2) Contractor/Builder offering this type of construction.

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