Millions of Birds Now Migrating Safely Through Darkened Texas Cities After Successful Lights Out Campaign

Millions of birds are now navigating the skies of Texas with greater safety, thanks to the success of the Lights Out campaign spearheaded by the Audubon Society and its partners. Positioned along one of the most critical migratory pathways in the Americas, Texas hosts nearly 2 billion birds during their biannual migrations, making up a significant portion of the US bird population. With over 400 species traversing the state, conservation efforts have become paramount to protect these avian travelers.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the Lights Out initiative has gained traction, persuading dozens of building managers across Texas to dim unnecessary outdoor lights during peak migration periods. This simple yet effective measure has proven instrumental in reducing bird collisions, with research indicating that such actions could prevent up to 60% of bird deaths caused by building collisions. As cities like Houston and Fort Worth dim their skylines, the once-attractive beacons for disoriented birds are now becoming safer passage routes, ensuring that these winged voyagers can continue their journey unimpeded.

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