Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches

Miniature art is stunning! Greek artist, Gregory Grozos has master the art of miniatures by creating a series of antique watches that feature entire tiny worlds inside them.
Each piece invites you into a whole new universe, inspired by steampunk and classic art at the same time. Gregory’s works are all patched together from tiny pieces that require a lot of attention and patience. And even though his „canvas” is limited to a tiny pocket watch, once you see his work you start imagining all the lives his characters are living and alternate worlds which they inhabit. His compact works feature fantasy worlds, but also real-life scenarios and are all equally mesmerizing.
To learn more about Gregory Grozos, follow him on Facebook and Instagram and you can even order his art from Etsy and wear his pieces proudly. They would surely make the most unique Christmas present for a dear friend or family member.

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