Modular Furniture with Unlimited Assembly Options

Based on a module in recycle wood or cardboard this project designed by Giorgio Caporaso is a modular furniture with unlimited assembly options and it can be used in different contexts, for living and public spaces. The concept is simple, these forms can be rearranged over and over, and is an interesting way to set creativity free.

In according with the designer, the main concept of this project was modularity, and was centred around the theme of transformability.

If we ask ourselves how and where we could use this furniture, the answer is here … “the furniture can serve as shelving, a resting platform, display or even as a seat. It can act as a suspended wall unit, an open bookcase against the wall, or it can be used as a dividing wall to separate the spaces in a room or other environments, thanks to the innovative possibility whereby it can be anchored or suspended from the ceiling.” How do you feel about it?

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  1. Nikhil     Doshi says:

    very nice designs

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