Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

With Motorcycle Camping Sidecars and Motorcycle Camper Trailers you can Explore the World.

How would you like to travel?

13 Responses to “Motorcycle Sidecar Camper”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love the side car options just love it

  2. Rita J. Smith says:

    I would love to travel. It’s been my dream since I was 12. To travel the world Harley Davidson. But I’m on disability in 56 I don’t know if all I ever see my dream come true. It’s just a dream.

  3. Terry Scott says:

    I love that motorcycle and side camper

  4. Beemer Ben says:

    have done a lot of Bike camping with hacks. I prefer a “touring trailer” behind s big bike.

  5. Shannon Wright says:

    Would love to have one of them..
    How much are they?

  6. Ian C Chalmers says:

    Really would love one mabey used for my GS..

  7. Bernard bannister says:

    How fantastic would love one but need a bike first again amazing

  8. Jane Oberg says:

    I had friends on Bethel Island back in the ‘70’s who manufactured a small fiberglass tent trailer a lot like the white one pictured except it was pulled behind – approximately 4’x4’

  9. Isaac Winsor says:

    Looking for a side car for a wheelchair. Something with a side and front. What would something like this?

  10. Ricardo says:

    I want a budget to send one to transport a tent or that is suitable for a room for two people, I am from Brazil, a 500 cc motorcycle and 54hp power. I live in the state of parana in the city of Cascavel, here in brazil. will you be able to send it to me? I thank you for the contact.

  11. John Heppleston says:

    Where are these units sold, in Canada?

  12. Billie Gillean says:

    I’ve done some traveling with my bike. I’ll pick ya up sometime and we’ll go for it…

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