Multifunctional Crib Furniture Concept: 5 in 1 bundle


Bam b. 5 in 1 is a furniture concept that has lots of multifunctional advantages from Gro Furniture. The gro crib offers the possibility to be used as crib, toddler bed, daybed, desk and the playtable, all bundled together. The furniture is made from solid amber bamboo plus solid birch ply with low-VOC non-toxic, organic, plant-based, fully biodegradable white finish. The white components are 100% hardwood baltic birch 13 ply solid core plywood with non-toxic low-VOC durable finish. It meets all new CPSC and ASTM safety requirements for cribs and toddler beds. It takes under 2 minutes to be assembled and there are no tools required for assembly: all parts required for assembly are included w/ crib. With a classic modern styling this crib is perfect for small rooms or apartments. Convertible Crib provides multiple uses as well as unsurpassed quality.
Exterior dimensions: 37 5/8″ H x 36″ W x 55 3/8″ L Interior dimensions: 28″ X 52 3/8″.








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