Photographer Captures The Colorful Beauty Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fascinating, as there are so many different types, shapes, and colors. Once you start exploring the amazing world of mushrooms, you will understand Jill Bliss’s fascination for them when it comes to her art.
He created a beautiful series for Nature Medleys in which she photographed colorful mushrooms in their natural habitat. The pictures were taken on the islands of the Pacific Northwest, which is a lush and biodiverse area so there are plenty of subjects there for a nature photographer. Bliss creates arrangements for her pictures, containing fungi and several plants, creating beautiful color schemes and vibrant pictures.
You can see the dynamism in her work and each picture transports you into a different mood through her choice of colors.
Who knew that mushrooms can be found in the wild in such amazing colors and once caught on camera, they will become an Internet sensation?

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