Nendo Installs a Carbon-Capturing Wall in a Contemporary Japanese Home

Nendo’s installation of a carbon-capturing wall within a contemporary Japanese home marks a significant stride towards sustainable architecture, addressing the pressing issue of carbon emissions associated with traditional concrete construction. Nestled in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture, the Block-Wall House exemplifies a fusion of innovation and eco-consciousness, boasting a sleek design that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The strategic integration of glazing ensures both privacy and connectivity with the external environment, enhancing the occupants’ experience while minimizing energy consumption. At the heart of this architectural marvel lies the revolutionary CO2-SUICOM concrete, a collaborative creation by Kajima Corporation, Chugoku Electric Power Co, Denka, and Landes Co. This pioneering material not only upholds the structural integrity synonymous with concrete but also actively sequesters carbon dioxide, offering a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change.

The transformative potential of CO2-SUICOM lies in its unique composition, where γ-C2S replaces over half of the traditional cement, catalyzing a novel hardening process through interaction with atmospheric CO2. This innovative approach not only mitigates carbon emissions during production but also facilitates the capture and permanent storage of CO2 within the concrete matrix. By leveraging existing carbon-heavy infrastructure such as thermal power plants, the deployment of carbon sequestration chambers further enhances the environmental impact of CO2-SUICOM, turning emissions into opportunities for sustainable construction. While initial costs may present a barrier, ongoing efforts to optimize production processes signal a promising trajectory toward affordability, ensuring that this eco-friendly concrete paves the way for a greener future in the realm of architecture and beyond.

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