The Nest House Looks Like a Floating Home in the Midst of Lush Greenery

The Nest House, a striking architectural marvel, appears as if it floats amidst lush greenery, seamlessly blending contemporary design with traditional elements. Situated on a compact 4.5 x 16-meter urban plot in Vietnam, this 150-square-meter home was crafted by Ho Khue Architects for a young couple aiming to elevate their living environment. Inspired by the concept of a bird’s nest, the design fosters a space conducive to creativity and growth, ideal for the couple—a journalist and a teacher. The minimalist three-story structure is strategically positioned at the rear of the property, elevated on diagonal x-shaped pillars, and surrounded by verdant landscaping. This design approach transforms the remaining space into a multi-story garden, creating the illusion of a floating home nestled in greenery, promoting a healthy and serene living atmosphere.

The Nest House’s core feature is its steel and concrete column system, reminiscent of a tree’s natural framework, reinforcing the nest-inspired design. This central area, known as the ‘grove,’ serves as the heart of the home, encompassing the living room, retreat zones, and study areas where the family can unwind and spend quality time together. The house incorporates a traditional roof structure with two blocks oriented towards a central courtyard, paying homage to the central garden. The material palette draws inspiration from Hoi An, reflecting the owner’s connection to this historic town. The combination of traditional timber elements with modern materials like raw concrete for stairs, floors, and columns creates a space that is both contemporary and nostalgic, achieving a timeless aesthetic. The use of wooden door frames and other Hoi An architectural styles further enhances the home’s blend of the old and new, making it a unique and fascinating living space.

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