Netherlands: Biodegradable Masks Turn Into Flowers After Planting

The pandemic created a big polemic around recycling and our impact on nature, as all the reusable masks are worn by humans end up stranded on beaches and in our oceans. Since masks are here to stay for a long time, how about thinking of clever ways to recycling them or even creating biodegradable ones.

Marianne de Groot-Pons, from Utrecht, the Netherlands is a graphic designer who came up with a creative solution: 100% biodegradable masks that have flower seeds inside them.
So once the masks are discarded, they can be planted instead of thrown into the garbage and flowers will grow out of them. The idea popped into de Groot-Pons’s head after years of drawing in which she has been using mainly paper, and the waste she produced came back haunting her.
That’s when she thought about a way to undo all the damage and she made series of biodegradable masks, out of rice paper, sheep wool cords, and plant seeds inside.
The amount of protection provided by these masks is equivalent to those of homemade masks, but with these, you will not only be doing a favor to everyone around you, but also the Earth. This are available in the link below…


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  • Carol Sander on said:

    Brilliant idea! Its ashame how much we waste. I love this idea…we need to think of all the waste that gets discarded daily. Now, to get them into everyone’s hands.

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