New study finds birds give people as much happiness as money

During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people started appreciating nature more and wished they had a remote place to live far away from the noise of the city.
Due to the reduced traffic in lockdown, some birds even returned to big cities and could be heard chirping in the morning. Researchers who have conducted several studies on what makes people happy and how can happiness levels be increased, found that money can truly buy happiness, but there is something else to add here.

Studies have shown that another surprising element that contributes to happiness, are birds. A study published by Science Daily by Joel Methorst who is a researcher at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, the iDiv, and the Goethe University in Frankfurt, observed that the happiest Europeans are the ones who live near areas populated by different bird species.
Having nature close to your home and being able to hear birds regularly can help reduce stress levels and improve both mental and physical well-being.
The survey on which the study was based, was conducted on more than 26,000 adults living in 26 different European countries.

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