The Open House Features Movable Walls Which Ensure Privacy & Offer Access to Nature When Needed

The Open House, designed by KWK Promes, is a unique German residence that masterfully balances openness with privacy. Situated near Bremen, this innovative home allows its occupants to fully engage with the surrounding natural landscape while providing a mechanism to shut off from the world when necessary. The house features movable walls that can be adjusted with the flick of a switch, offering the flexibility to either open up to the forested surroundings or close off for privacy during social and sporting events that frequently draw visitors to the area. These long, curving walls are mounted on small wheels and operated by an electric motor, exemplifying a seamless blend of architectural ingenuity and practical functionality.

The strategic design of the Open House ensures that the residence remains integrated with its environment while accommodating the dynamic nature of its location. As KWK Promes explains, the house is located at the edge of a village, adjacent to a forest, which normally provides a quiet, secluded atmosphere. However, during sports events, the area becomes bustling with activity, necessitating the need for temporary closure without disrupting the natural flow of wildlife. The home spans nearly 2700 sq ft and includes two bedrooms, a living room, a mezzanine, a kitchen, and bathrooms, all within an open layout that features extensive glazing to enhance the connection to nature. The design is influenced by local architectural traditions, featuring whitewashed walls and a thatched reed roof with custom openings for improved ventilation. Solar panels power the home, ensuring an eco-friendly energy source, though the exact capacity of these panels remains unspecified.

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