Parrot trapped on roof keeps telling fire crew to “f**k off”

Firefighters are risking their own life to save ours. And there are not only humans they’re helping, but animals as well. And while we are so grateful for their great job, we can’t say the same for some animals they’ve rescued.

While trapped on a roof, Jessie, a Macaw parrot did’t have the best opinion about the rescue team sent to rescue her. And she expressed her thoughts by using some words just as colorful as its plumage is.



Watch Manager Chris Swallow, who was at the scene, said: “Jessie had been on the same roof for three days and there were concerns that she may be injured which is why she hadn’t come down.

“Our crew manager was the willing volunteer who went up the ladder to try and bring Jessie down. We were told that to bond with the parrot, you have to tell her ‘I love you’, which is exactly what the crew manager did.

“While Jessie responded ‘I love you’ back, we then discovered that she had a bit of a foul mouth and kept swearing, much to our amusement. Jessie also speaks Turkish and Greek, so we tried telling her to ‘come’ in both those languages too.

“Thankfully it soon became apparent that Jessie was fine and uninjured as she flew off to another roof and then to a tree.

“As with this incident, the RSPCA should be contacted in the first instance and we would always urge people to do the same if they see an animal stuck or in distress. If the RSPCA require our assistance, they will call us and we are happy to assist with our specialist equipment.”


8 Responses to “Parrot trapped on roof keeps telling fire crew to “f**k off””

  1. Kristin Nama says:

    Thank you for not posting a photo of the cat rescued from the metal fence.

  2. Mary checketts says:

    Now this is HILARIOUS

  3. Charlotte Piper says:

    Why weren’t the birds wings clipped and this would never have happened. I’ve owned many exotic birds and your always told to keep the wings clipped. As for the foul mouth on the bird that tells you something about the birds owner and it’s not good.

    • David says:

      Really ?
      If you cant say something positive shut the fuck up.
      Its no wonder there is so much hate in this world.

      I think its hilarious cause I have an African Grey.

  4. Tara says:

    Clipped birds can still fly! A gust a wind will take them up and off they go. Only thing is a clipped bird is not able to get away fast enough from predators.

  5. Vickie Thewles says:

    I have birds, incl parrot and none of their wings are clipped, its like us having our legs removed. They can also still fly with them clipped albeit not high or fast but that makes them easy prey for predators, accidents happen unfortunately, i think it’s hilarious tho I don’t teach mine swear words just in case,

  6. J L Mentz says:

    Swearing does not define a person. Some of the most genuine people I know swear

  7. Phil says:

    Keeping birds as pets is fucking cruel. Clipping their wings is even worse!
    Fuck you Charlotte Piper!! Birds belong in the wild you monster!

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