Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity


We live in an era in which sustainable living is becoming harder. Since we have so many products accessible to us and we are so dependent on energy and power resources that a sustainable way of life tends to look scary and threatening. But choosing the eco-friendly way doesn’t mean you have to give up on your personal comfort or well-being. There are so many intelligent and creative products that can help you help our environment, you just need to make a bit or research and use them wisely. If you would like to do a favor for Earth, you can start by using this amazing pedal powered washer/dryer which uses no electricity, but will wash your clothes the same as a washing machine does. This washer is operated by you and your feet and it’s much easier than washing your clothes by hand and more eco-friendly than any electricity operated washing machine. The washer costs only $40 and you can watch the video presentation to convince yourself about its usefulness.




GiraDora is a patent-pending human-powered washer and spin dryer to increase the efficiency and improve the experience of hand-washing clothes.





This product will be available ASAP.

More details here… 

191 Responses to “Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity”

  1. Jo says:

    It seems like if would be hard on your legs, maybe if you could fit it with a bicycle type of pedal would be much less strain on the legs.

    • Michael G. says:

      I got on this website to ask you if there was a way to add bicycle pedals, but the suggestion has already been made. The tricycle idea is fabulous. So many creative people out there!

    • CITIZEN says:

      This is NOT for obese -fat-American people that are lazy to step on and use it !

      Must be only for fit people. I can not see obese people using it.They will break it !

      Simple stuff…

  2. Denise A. Griego says:

    Can we buy them in the US? Is there a matching program where if someone in the US buys one it provides one to someone in Peru or another country where they are needed?

  3. katey loudon says:

    How do i buy this

  4. Beth Plantenga says:

    I would like to know when this would be available to purchase in the US.

    • Carol Scott says:

      this has been out like this for years. I don’t think it will ever be out for sale for the world to buy. shame because it is a good idea.

  5. Jennifer jones says:

    How do I get one of these , and how much is freight ,I live in beerwah , Qld ,Australia

  6. Heather Anderson says:

    Think this is an overall brillant idea. Would like to place an order for one [1] Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40. I live on the mid north coast of NSW. Can the item be sent via Auspost?

  7. Darcie says:

    how do I buy that washer thing

  8. jackie says:

    Hi were can I get one

  9. JenniferBlakeman says:

    How do I purchase one of these??

  10. Caelidh says:

    This is a wonderful invention!
    Good going!

    I have a similar device for mopping my floors AND for spinning salad..

    Makes a LOT of sense!

    Now, if they can invent something like this for doing dishes!!!!

    • Anna says:

      They do, sorta. Only it take electricity. It sits on your countertop and doesn’t look like it washes a whole lotta dishes!!

      Want a really cool washing widgie? (Hope links are allowed…) This and a five gallon bucket saves you a severe case of the shin splints. 🙂 beprepared-dot-com-slash-mobile-washer-hand-operated-washing-machine-dot-html For those of you not interested in following the link or can’t get pics on your device, it honestly LOOKS like a drain plunger, but I have one so I can tell you how it really looks like: It’s TWO hard cones – one smaller than the other – w/ air releasing holes near the stick handle and you are using a “plunging action” to push the soap/rinse water through your clothes. As for a “water saving” angle? I really don’t know, sort of a “comme ci comme ça” situation. Good for a few small loads – if you have a family w/ kids? Ehhhh, you, yourself, would have to weigh the pros and cons.

    • Robb says:

      Hope you’re not using the same one for both jobs.

  11. Ann Jones says:

    How can I purchase one

  12. Lynda Tuennerman says:

    I LOVE this! I currently live in an apt. and foo all my wash, except for bed linens in a 5 gal. bucket with an hand agitator. This looks so much easier. Where can I get one?? Also, does it spin the clothes out?

  13. Nicole Silver says:

    Where can I get one? Would love to have this to help ease the cost of living in the city. Would be fun to not only dry my laundry in the sun but wash it too. Plus the kids would get a kick out of it. Thank you for this wonderful invention.

  14. Bmkirby says:

    How do you Purchase One of these????

  15. rachael says:

    i want one!

  16. val says:

    hello this is a great idea , i live in fifth wheel in woods and wood love to get one of these where can i purchase one . thx Val

  17. Claire Lewko says:

    I would love to purchase one of these washing machines!

  18. Shelia Demakas says:

    Wow…I want to look at these in person…who sells them

  19. Bea says:

    Love the idea, but why is it entirely made of plastic? Not very ecofriendly

  20. johari moran says:

    I would love to have one of these. I am 60 yes old and live alone so I don’t have much to wash. Can I purchase one somewher

  21. Adele says:

    Where can we buy this?

  22. JustRosy says:

    Where can this be purchased at? What web address?

  23. Mark says:

    What a stupid idea. Let’s go back to the dark ages. How about we get them electricity and a real washer and dryer?

  24. REN THEELEN says:

    where can i get one

  25. Christopher Braman says:

    I absolutely LOVE this product! I want one. I have an idea. I will buy Two. One for myself and one for the company to donate to a poverty-stricken area. So for $80 I will get one and area family that needs one will are also get one. Make this a deal and make a difference.

  26. iman says:

    Take my money now

  27. Connie lanning says:

    I like this it cool.

  28. Dion Imgalrea says:

    Where can I order one

  29. Tabbatha says:

    please tell me where to buy it!!!!!!

  30. sara elmore says:

    I’m interested in order info for the $40 no electricity washers

  31. Helen says:

    where do you buy these please …

  32. Fay Hardie says:

    Please can you tell me if this can be bought in Australia?

  33. RichardGriggs says:

    I would love to order this washer when it becomes available

  34. Anna Lowe says:

    I would love one of these washers! Maybe buy two and send one to some were that needs it.

  35. Koketso says:

    I want one. No, i need 4 please

  36. Sarah says:

    We just bought an RV and I’m looking for something like this. Are these available for purchase?

  37. says:

    Would love to try this out…think its a great thing!

  38. Robyn Steele says:

    Please let me know when this is available to purchase.

  39. Mary says:

    Fabulous! Would love to have one, particularly for camping trips

  40. nancy says:

    Please let me know about the pedal washer and dryer.
    When and where they can be purchased..

  41. Lise says:

    I saw this posted a couple years ago but it still hasn’t come to market. The designer posted this again two days ago but still says “coming asap”. Frustrating. .. i sooooo want one!

  42. sheana says:

    How do I get one of these? Please some one I can’t fint the link to order or were to go.

  43. cory says:

    Where do I buy one?!!

  44. Carrie Macken says:

    Where can I order?

  45. Person says:

    You could add a battery that could be charged by pumping the petal and install heating elements on the inside of the basin so that after finishing washing the water can be drained and the clothes can be dried without the work and time required to hang them up and laundry could be done even when there is precipitation.

  46. Diana Spekman says:

    I think it’s more fun to connect it with a bike, if possible …

  47. Melody says:

    How can I purchase this foot peddled washing machine?

  48. terry says:

    Where can l get one of those, plz

  49. Verna Brunet says:

    When will this product be available in Ontario?

  50. Bobbie Blair says:

    I would love to have one and to be able to donate the money for others to have also.

  51. scott says:

    How do I get one

  52. Jody Strickland says:

    How do I order one ?

  53. Leslea says:

    Would like to buy this washer…How do I do that??

  54. Joyce west says:

    I want information to purchase these please when they are available

  55. janie poyton says:

    let me know when they are for sale

  56. janie poyton says:

    where can it be bought

  57. Vickie Ritter says:

    I would like to order this if you are making them to sell, please let me know

  58. susan says:

    Please let me know when it is available!?!

  59. teresa oveson says:

    I am very interested in getting one of these no electric washing machines, Please send me info how to get one via email or my address. here is my email again along with address.

    2024 w Cortez Rd
    Apache Junction, AZ 85119

    my name is Teresa Oveson
    Thank you

  60. JL says:

    Hi, nice device, it’s so simple it’s a shame to realize no one did it before, it was time someone put time and thoughts in it ! However, I should inform you that I believe someone stole your patent

  61. Cindy says:

    Try a swivel seat so you can switch legs. You don’t indicate how long it takes to wash and dry a load. If you use rge same leg all the time people will start having hip issues. You xan’t just design a product and not look at the mechanics of the human body. This is a good thing you are doing, just dont cause new health problems.

    • Nathan says:

      Not sure if this is a serious comment…. You can clearly sit so that either foot can be used. Just spend 1 second moving.

    • Judy says:

      All you have to do is shift your position slightly to change legs. Adding a swivel would make this more breakable. Keep it simple.

    • Samantha says:

      I’m dying. Swivel seat? How about stand up for 2 seconds and sit back down with your other foot over the pedal? I don’t mean this to seem harsh but move your ass.

    • Charlie says:

      stupid people will do stupid things!

    • Amie says:

      Why would you need a swivel seat? You can literally stand up for one second and rotate yourself. Mechanics of he human body? You would have to pretty lazy to not be able to turn yourself in your seat

    • Mike says:

      Cause health problems by sitting and using your foot? hahahahahahahha

    • Katie says:

      LOL or, you can just try turning a little, sit a little further over, to use the other leg..swivel seat..for a small barrel..ya, because it is so hard to just turn your body…

    • Dana says:

      Stand up. Move a bit so the other foot is on the pedal. Start pedaling with other foot. Problem solved.

    • mia says:

      why not just turn your body? you don’t need a swivel seat to use your other leg, just face a different direction….

    • Kay says:

      It is surely better than the back breaking work of hand washing. I would take this over my usual hand washing routine any day. This will be great for my bad back.

    • Craig says:

      Could people not just turn themselves slightly and use the other leg?? I feel you’re overcomplicating a problem that isn’t really there.

  62. Patty says:

    I love the pedal powered clothes washer. Where can I get one?

  63. Robin Follette says:

    Is this washing machine for sale anywhere? I can barely pound a nail let alone build something like this, and I’d like to buy one to test.

  64. Tiffeny says:

    Wen and whare willl this be available for purchase.

  65. KarrMcDebt says:

    Nice, but where is the information on how to order one???

  66. Sandy Carter says:

    I want one!

  67. shannon fernandez says:

    How can I get one

  68. Janet white says:

    Would like to learn more

  69. Mike Tummon says:

    ok so can I buy and where from ?????

  70. Steven Funk says:

    Depending on a number of other factors, you may want to set the barrel horizontally. In theory, by doing that, you could use much less water in the washing process.

    Just my two bits.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Mikalyn says:

      True..But it seems that would eventually cause a seal issue, or q great cost in designing a proper seal

  71. Thea says:

    How do I get one of these. I live in an apartment without laundry hook ups. would love to have one!

  72. terri says:

    how do I get one of these??

  73. Karen Proulx says:

    Ok I am sold on this product! So for $40.00? Where would I be able to buy one?

  74. laiei says:

    Is a bigger washer made with bicycle power available??

  75. Sue Bailey says:

    How do u go about getting one of these GiraDora. My niece has no washer an can’t afford a electric one, this would be nice for her. Thank you..

  76. mike baus says:

    It would be great for 3rd world countries, but I’d buy one for emergencies!

  77. Shon says:

    this product would be great for camping also.

  78. Elaine Bennett says:

    Would like to know where I can order this product

  79. judy adams says:

    How and where can I purchase this product? I live in a small apartment and this is perfect for my needs. Please reply ASAP If you can. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND TROUBLE.

  80. Snowladyds says:

    Please let me know when this is available

  81. Marni says:

    How do I order one?

  82. Joyce Morris says:

    I’m Interested

  83. Christopher says:

    You should engineer this to also collect the spinning energy and store it in a battery/power cell for later use 🙂

  84. Jennifer Butler says:

    I’m wondering how we can purchase these or support this idea?

  85. Debbie says:

    I would like to buy one

  86. Libbie holland says:

    We camp all the time where can I get one

  87. Amy says:

    I wonder if this is for real. I have seen this in several different sites, except when it gets down to ” where can I buy this”, there is NEVER an answer.

  88. Lynda Tuennerman says:

    i am currently using a hand agitator in a 5 gal. bucket for my laundry. Please tell me how I can get one of these!!

  89. KC says:

    If you take a look at their face book page they do state that it is still in manufacturing stage and not yet available for purchase. This was a recent post on their page “We’d like to let you know that GiraDora is not yet available to purchase. It is still in the development phase, but we have a dedicated team working on it. April 23rd 2015”

  90. Jill says:

    I want one that hooks to a bicycle also! Get some exercise!

  91. Laurie says:

    Under the video, in tiny print — “More details here” —

  92. Russell says:

    When these become available please inform me thru email as I will order many to sell in the Philippines, Are you considering letting people become dealers? Please let me know bulk prices, and where they will be shipped from. I also want one as soon as possible for my own use.

  93. kerry Hartigan says:

    Would like to buy one these washing machines please..

  94. donna says:

    If this were available i would purchase one ,,it would make my life so much easier

  95. Cheryl says:

    GiraDora not yet available. But the have a Facebook page where you can get updates and info.

  96. Stubbs says:

    All you boneheads asking where to buy one….READ THE WHOLE DAMN ARTICLE don’t just look at the pictures.
    It CLEARLY states under the video:

    “This product will be available ASAP”

    Then, bear with me here, it gets a bit crazy here, below that it says “for more information click here” with a hyper link to FAQs.
    Then we read in that link the following:
    “Where can I buy a GiraDora? We are currently prototyping and field-testing the most recent design. We will keep you posted when the product is ready for purchase”

    Y’all must be ‘murican cuz you sure can’t read or follow a link for shit.

  97. Eric says:

    Why be a negative nelly? Just communicate your suggested improvements and call it a day. The other comments are just you inviting others to your misery to enjoy the company.

  98. Donna Terrell says:

    Please tell me where I can get one.

  99. K greeno says:

    Where do I order one??

  100. walt says:

    I would like to buy one

  101. Dana says:

    awesome interested great for camping and home use

  102. jeanette says:

    Where and how much can u get this?

  103. David says:

    where do you get them?

  104. c g duffy says:

    I’d like to order one

  105. Maricruz says:

    Hi i am From El Salvador. .. I was Wondering White i could gen a gira dora ….

  106. Amy says:

    I want to buy one!!!! Where can I order one in the US?

  107. sage says:

    Kickstarter time? Or indiegogo. The demand seems high enough.

  108. Matthew says:

    This is a great invention. What’s annoying is, that’s so simple that I wished I invented.

  109. Heather says:

    I think it would be good to be able to use the do-hickey on the washer to hold the clothes in so you could keep the washer upside longer to drain more water from the clothing. That way, you would use less electricity when using the spinner.

    Love the idea but not the bending over.

  110. Ankynan says:

    Great idea! How about it, Manufacturer, Retailers, & Charities?

  111. Micheal says:

    Was wondering where I can buy one, I live in the US. In an RV. And can’t afford $10extra a week to do my laundry.

  112. KayLee says:

    I would like to know were I can buy one. I live in the US and really want one.

  113. Carmen de jesus says:

    I would like the info,to order I would like buy 3,at the price of $40

  114. Mariyam says:

    I want to buy in pakistan, how can I buy

  115. Jessica says:

    You need to get this thing out on the market. People want one. I want one. I want to buy a few of them. At $40 each, it’s worth it.

  116. Darlene Jagger says:

    Please contact me as soon as you have them ready to sell. Darlene Jagger
    8059 Leaver Ave. NW
    Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

  117. Tamara says:

    Please email when available in US. Thank you!

  118. Assmaa says:

    Wow, great invention…

  119. Saskia says:


    Message from the developers on their Facebook page, posted April 24th:

    Hello again, there’s been a lot of activity in the past couple days on this page from many new people. This is great and welcome to our Facebook page. Thanks for your interest and support in our project. I know many of you have messaged us or posted on our timeline, especially regarding where you can purchase a GiraDora. We’d like to let you know that GiraDora is not yet available to purchase. It is still in the development phase, but we have a dedicated team working on it. In fact, our team is prepping a field research trip for Latin America coming up very soon which is very exciting to us and will help us to hopefully bring GiraDora to market as soon as possible. Over the past year we’ve been able to achieve several milestones that bring our project closer to fruition. So again, thanks for your interest in our project. We really appreciate it! Please stay tuned for future updates.

  120. Terri W says:

    Please send updates on your projects…that you and yours are offering… a fantastic machine and I would love to buy one also.
    May you always recognize your blessings and the opportunity to help others to be able to do …better for their life’s… through your efforts.

  121. Cindy G says:

    This is amazing, and I. Want. One. The sooner this is available, the sooner and more you can provide in developing countries.

  122. Tamara Marashi says:

    Please I would like to buy one in UK. THANKS

  123. Elaine says:

    Where to I get one of these?!!?!??

  124. joe says:

    No thanks. I’ll stick to my electric washer.

  125. Margaret Ketelsen says:

    Let me know when available please.

  126. Sara T says:

    Curious where we would ever get one of these

  127. Ian says:

    Seems hard to believe this has been going since 2011 and they still don;t have one on the market. Now I’m suspicious.

  128. Michael Vinson says:

    Its capacity is too small to accomplish much. To get a normal sized load done, you’d have to either reuse wash water, or dump and refill it, which would waste water. Why not just build one with a normal size washer tub, and make it pedal powered? Done.

  129. Teresa Sarabia says:

    I would like to order one.

  130. Caitlyn says:

    I WANT ONE!!

  131. Bianka says:

    I use a similar idea with a really big salad spinner I found. Perhaps you could also design a crank one for people with issues with the foot petal Great idea- good luck!

  132. Beckie Barden says:

    Forward info when available in usa

  133. Jezebel Miller says:

    I love your design, looks great where can I buy 1?

  134. chris says:

    this is a great idea but looks very small , they really should make it just a little bit bigger great for kids clothes but probably can only fit like one outfit in it at a time .

  135. Patrick says:

    I am in Kenya – Africa
    Such innovation is great,;how I wish I could pioneer such a project to ease the woman, child labour in our land.
    Kindly get in touch for you are God send.
    This is brilliant.

  136. Lauren Jordan says:

    You can get a hand operated camping washer that works by turning a handle. It gets the washing very clean. The problem is they only wash, you still have to wring them out. I assume these are the same.

  137. Barbara says:

    Can you let me know when it will be available? Yes, we are happy to add you to our mailing
    list to announce milestones, big news or events over the upcoming year. If you have a Facebook
    account, you can also “Like” GiraDora to learn about updates as they happen or post questions and

  138. Maritza R. says:

    Hi! Just want to know where I can buy one.

  139. Lindia B. says:

    Hi.I need one of these ASAP.Can you help?

  140. Rhonda says:

    Please I’d like to order one assp

  141. Karl juxon says:

    Hi I would really like one where can I purchase one from thanks

  142. Janice Black says:

    Where can I buy one of these please.

  143. Wally says:

    I have an off grid cottage in Ontario Canada. We are always taking back our laundry,was wondering where we can buy one,it’s a great idea,it would be a helpful tool for us off grid people. Thank you ,looking forward to your reply. W.Paige

  144. Tammie Kemp says:

    Where can i buy one of those washers.

  145. kaen says:

    How do I go about ordering this portable washer ??

  146. What says:

    How stupid are all you people? How many are going to ask “where can I get one of these”? How about asking: Why isn’t anybody offering these?

  147. Cindy Friedrich says:

    I am interested in your product and wont to buy one please contact me

  148. Tj says:

    ^I’m with this guy i know how to get one^

  149. R says:

    Why? Simply because I can’t afford a place that has a washing machine. I also can’t afford a car. Even if I could get clothes to the laundromat my toddler does not have the patience to wait while I wash. Honestly most people living in small apartments like ours might want this! Most apartments just don’t have in suite washings. Laundromats are time consuming and SO expensive! Something like this would literally change my life! It would relieve SO much stress! If this is available please let me know we would definitely buy it! This is the extract design I’ve been trying to diy!

  150. Lin says:

    For less money you can buy a home depot bucket and a plunger and save 30 dollars.

    • Sharon BarlowPalm says:

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Chuck Urmanec says:

      Hillarie and folks,
      If and when someone purchases this marvelous invention/idea, PLEASE post the review. I am definitely interested.

      Tried the bucket and plunger in Africa. Personally, I had better results doing my laundry by hand.

    • jzt says:

      So privileged are you. This spins the clothes. This makes it easy to use. I guess you’ve never washed a load by hand. It isn’t the washing that’s most difficul;. it’s the rinsing and wringing out the water.

  151. April says:

    I want one

  152. Linda Geschke says:

    How many things fit in the washer

  153. Dianne says:

    I would like to know when these will be available and when I can purchase one please. Thank you.

  154. Lee says:

    I like my Buc’ Wash it seems easier to use than the GiraDora…

  155. Elizabeth Pacheco says:

    need one of these for family in Puerto Rico

  156. Elizabeth Pacheco says:

    We need this for families in Puerto Rico

  157. Elizabeth Pacheco says:

    families in Puerto Rico need this

  158. Ann Brandenburg says:

    I am interested in buying one. Please advise.

  159. Lisa says:

    Very VERY SAD that these people have teased folks with this invention but NEVER provide an actual product! From reply’s I’ve read here it’s been several years now. What gives?

  160. Bob says:

    Wonderwash from Amazon is basically the same thing for the same price.



  162. Chuck Urmanec says:

    Hillarie and folks,
    If and when someone purchases this marvelous invention/idea, PLEASE post the review. I am definitely interested.

  163. Solaris daway says:

    These are not a lot of the United States they consist of far too much logic for the average American can’t process the idea of physical labor along side the idea of conserving energy! These kind of projects are simply not allowed in our country! It comes all the way from the top. If you want to live in a logical place in the world do you not attempt that in the United States of America! Logic has been outlawed.

  164. Jennifer Low says:

    I have been watching for this to be available on the market for 6 years. I don’t know what is holding them up but I don’t think this will ever be available for us to buy.

  165. Stephen Turel says:

    How do I buy one?
    How much does it cost?
    What is the shipping to Oregon?
    Have known about this for years, really could use one. Thank you, have an incredible day!🙂

  166. Francoise Gagne says:

    Avec cette laveuse peut ont essorer le linge

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