Photographer Captures A Magical, Rare Baby White Reindeer In Stunning Photos

According to Scandinavian traditions, spotting a white reindeer is considered a sign of good luck.

Nature and wildlife photographers might be among the luckiest people, as they have access to amazing spots and unique moments.
There are many examples of wildlife photographers, who managed to capture one of a kind moments on camera and became world-famous after.
This Norwegian photographer encountered a rare animal while hiking with his friends and caught it on camera. It is a rare and beautiful white reindeer calf and he found it in the mountains of northern Norway.
Mads Nordsveen, is a 24-year-old photographer, originally from Oslo who almost missed the change to take the portrait of the reindeer as he almost didn’t notice it in the snow.
The white reindeer managed to blend in perfectly with the snowy scenery but then he got very close to Nordsveen and the magical moment was captured forever.

After posting the photo on his Instagram account, the likes started coming and it stopped only when they reached 62,200. Nordsveen described the moment of meeting the reindeer as a very magical one and there is no denying that.
According to Scandinavian folklore, spotting a white reindeer will bring good luck so hopefully this cute animal will be Nordsveen’s lucky charm.

photos credit: Mads Nordsveen

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