Photographer Captures Perfect Shot of Bison Crossing Road Near “Bison Crossing” Sign

Sometimes timing is all you need to capture the perfect picture, and this next work is proof of this. Tim Osborne is a Candian wildlife photographer who happened to be in the right place, at the right time when he took a picture of a bison crossing the road.
When Osborne drove to the Elk Island National Park, he saw something that made him take out his camera in an instant and capture it for posterity. It was a bison crossing the road in the funniest spot, as he was crossing near while passing by a sign that signaled “Bison crossing” and kept the drivers alert in case the animal appears.
Osborne joked that the park did a great job in training the bison about where to cross the road and he posted the photo on Twitter where he got a lot of reactions and appreciation. The picture was captured from a safe distance, so both the photographer and the bison felt safe and made Internet sensation thanks to its funny input.

Tim Osborne Photography: Website 


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