Pirate Ship Fire Pit


Everyone knows, more or less, how to make a grill barbeque. You can have a nice party in your backyard, with friends gathered around a modern shining steel outdoor stove. Or you could make their jaws drop when they see your kick-ass sailing ship fire pit! Yes, that’s right: a sailing ship used as a barbeque stand. Don’t worry, it’s not going to sail anywhere; perhaps only in your imagination while you grill the tastiest piece of meat. Compared to other devices of its kind, it’s quite big, but it sure stands out in the scenery. Not as something kitsch but as a unique and cool outdoor useful decoration.

Pride of the sea and also your backyard, this amazing piece of design will give much dynamicity to the environment. It’s a great addition to a camp, as you can see in the photos, but it looks great in a medium size backyard. And who wouldn’t quickly gather around a `burning` ship, instead of a simple camp fire. But it’s not just useful for looking nice for visitors. The ship’s deck is actually a grill, making it great for roasting a juicy hamburger. It’s also a creative way to get kids interested in cooking, especially outdoor cooking. Now that you’ve seen this awesome piece of cookery, you couldn’t imagine convincing a child to let go of their computer without mentioning a sailing ship to be fry marshmallows on.


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  1. Richard Palmer says:

    Can anyone get me a price and where I can purchase the ship fire pit/ bbq

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