Pizza Monkey Bread


Do you need a creative and fun way to make a well-known dish? The pizza monkey bread could be just the thing to enhance your future dinners from this day onward. The total time needed on this is an hour and if you follow the recipe to the exact measurements, 6 persons could have a nice meal. So what’s so different about this bread? The stuffing of the bread is similar to the contents you can find on a pizza. There is no rocket science behind the process of making it. You just carefully pinch the biscuit dough you stuffed with cheese and pizza toppings, seal it well with this move and transfer it in the Bundt pan. Remember to dunk it in the mixture of melted butter, salt and garlic before you place it seam side up in the pan. Read the whole recipe and make sure you have all the required ingredients. Have fun because enjoying it afterwards is a given!

Prep Time 30 min / Total Time 60 min / Servings 6


Pizza Monkey Bread – Ingredients & Directions

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