Pre Cut Cabin and Tiny House Kits


Log homes are becoming more and more affordable for every pocket and there are companies that specialize in the construction of cheap log homes. PAN ABODE offers a cabin kits for those who would like to have their very own cozy log home. You can choose between several types of designs, from weekend houses to large two level log cabins, all made out of beautiful cedar wood. The parts of the cabin come already to cut to size and numbered, so anyone can easily assemble their own home. PAN ABODE is open to custom orders, so you can design your own log home and they will manufacture it for you. For more details and contacts, visit the PAN ABODE Homes website.






PAN ABODE can offer many unique Building Systems/styles to accommodate the setting of your cabin project. All embrace the rich warmth of Western Red Cedar and the natural strength of Douglas-fir.

Company: PAN ABODE

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9 Responses to “Pre Cut Cabin and Tiny House Kits”

  1. kathy says:

    The whole point of a tiny house is to live more with less. How is a cabin 40,000 + affordable
    and still be small what’s the point

  2. Carol Pearce says:

    Hi, love this pre-cut Cabin. Any indication as to the price ?

    Kind regards

  3. lucas says:

    Price?and more plans

  4. Laura Franz says:

    I need a price and what is included. Thanks Laura

  5. Teresa says:

    I agree with Kathy. I hate that this entire thought of living simple and tiny has turned into another commercial money maker for most companies … these houses can be built for a lot less and still be nice and comfortable.

    • Alan McClure says:

      I think anybody with negativity to say about anybody else’s creativity, and however they choose to share it or make money from it needs to just shut up, and go on being negative in private. As this kind of creativity spawns more and more ideas for everybody.
      so in future Kathy and Teresa,,, shut up and keep your stupid negativity to you own miserable, and uncreative life.

  6. Johnatan Balang says:

    I lovo those log house or country side houses. Send me puctures you have.
    Thank you.

  7. Leslie says:

    Need price list please

  8. Sheree Rowse says:

    Price list plz ?

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