Pull Apart Pizza Bread Recipe


Here’s a great recipe for anyone, who loves pizza and likes to cook. It is quite easy to make and can be perfect as lunch, dinner or just an evening snack when you have your friends over. It will take you 10 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and 30 minutes to cook the pizza. For this tasty pull-apart pizza, you will need:

• two cans of Pizza Dough (you can also use Bisquick);
• two cups of Mozzarella;
• two spoons of parsley flakes;
• one third cup of olive oil;
• 1 package of pepperoni (8 oz);
• one cup of Parmesan;

First of all you need to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. But for all instructions and more details, follow the link below…

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread

10 Responses to “Pull Apart Pizza Bread Recipe”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting our recipe! We love it!!!

  2. alida says:

    Can of pizza dough? What the?

  3. E D Adams says:

    Thanku …looks good enough to eat!

  4. Mari Logan says:

    You say to use 2 cans of pizza dough but you do not say what size. the pizza dough package is.

    • cristen says:

      you must be the type of person that has to have everything exact. im assuming your smart…figure it out OR look at the pic and use the exact kind they are using. lol

    • Angela Mitchell says:

      I’m pretty sure Pillsbury pizza dough only has one size.

  5. cristen says:

    heck yeah!!!! mmmmmm!

  6. Beth says:

    In the pictures, there are 2 cans of biscuits not pizza dough. I don’t know if this effects the flavor any but would be nice if the actual ingredients were posted

  7. Diane Scott says:

    Can’t see the link. Anyone able to help?

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