Recently Discovered Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Is So Well-Preserved It Even Has The Skin And Guts Intact

A recent discovery of a dinosaur mummy left archaeologists in awe. It seems to be the best-preserved dinosaur mummy that has ever been found, and this can be noticed from its looks which still has an intact skin armor.
The fossil was found by pure accident, while miners were drilling in Canada, and it is thought to be more than 110 million years old. The mummy was placed in the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada and after careful examination, it was discovered that the skin hides the well-preserved and intact guts of the animal. This is something scientists have never seen before, and they managed to easily reconstruct the looks of the dinosaur with the help of technology.
This seems to be a part of the Nodosauridae species, which were large herbivores weighing 3,000 pounds. The recently found fossil weighs around 2,500 pounds so it is extremely well preserved even after millions of years.
What might have contributed to its preservation are the minerals that were found on the dinosaur’s skin and armor which might come from the ocean.
It is believed that the fossil sank in the ocean a long time ago and this contributed to its preservation long after its death.

The holotype of Borealopelta on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta.

Nodosaur bones at Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land, Fort Bend Co., Texas.

Nodosaur (armoured dinosaur) fossil discovered at the Suncor Mine near Fort McMurray by Government of Alberta

Technician Mark Mitchell prepping the Nodosaur. Royal Tyrrell Museum


86 Responses to “Recently Discovered Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Is So Well-Preserved It Even Has The Skin And Guts Intact”

  1. Timothy says:

    This is a totally awesome find, however this dinosaur couldn’t be more than 6,000 years old, because the Earth has only been around for about 6,000 years obviously nobody was alive 110 million years ago so there’s actually no proof.

    • Joseph says:

      You tell them Tim. But I’m pretty sure that most all scientist and people, don’t believe in the creator.

      • Sharon Anne Shade says:

        I personally do not believe that evolution and the belief in a creator are mutually exclusive. I believe that both schools of thought can co-exist and be reconciled if you accept that a “year” may not be 365 days as we accept today and that a day may not be the 24 hrs we understand today.

        • Peachy says:

          I agree with you … which would also explain the purported age of Methusela and others in the Bible.

        • Fizzy McGee says:

          i agree the two schools of thought do not have to be mutually exclusive. However, i feel the reconciliation of them is even simpler than that. The belief that the the earth is 6000 years old was posited by a medieval Irish priest who took the time to count back the years through the chapter in Genesis with all the so-n-so begat so-n-so, etc. Considering that even the most meticulous Bible scholars will admit a lot of the exposition in Genesis is a series of bullet points, rather than a detailed, step-by-step narration, that priest’s efforts were misguided and naive, at best. However, to your point, the “days” of the creation of the earth is a bit of a mistranslation, and may be more closely translated as “eras.”

        • sane person says:

          uh, what? lol

        • El Dee says:

          This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. A day is defined as 24 hours as that is the amount of time it takes to complete a full revolution, likewise a year is defined as 365 days since that is roughly how long it takes the earth to complete a revolution of the sun. Now, it is true that the earth rotates slightly slower than it did say a 100 years ago, but you’re only talking 2 milliseconds slower. Now to put that into context, if we take the OPs 6000 years, the amount of time lost to this slowing, is roughly a tenth of a second. Hardly anything to write home about.

        • billy says:

          What in the sam hill are you fucking talking about?

        • Karl Tutschek says:

          Time is not measured in length of day…stop thinking this nonsens please, for your own sake…

      • El Dee says:

        Although numbers of atheists are on the increase, there’s still a staggering 6.6 billion people who still believe in one deity or another. You’d think with all the advances we’ve made over the millennia we’d have gotten over this Sky Wizard malarkey.

      • Bill H Geerts says:

        Einstein believed in god as creator and most well understood scientists… as I understand it.

        The Bible is the wisest and highest sold book of all time.
        No other book has as much history and has not been refuted in any meaningful way in its historical accounts.

        Those refuting the bible are without hope, optimism and reassurance of being on the right path of ideals.

        Life without Jesus is destitute by comparison. The new testament is where the part about Jesus starts, 2/3 of the way thru. I recommend reading that first. Thats the meat and potatoes of the Bible…

        Many with faith have been able to perform miracles. That is an experience not to be missed in your life.

        Good luck.

    • Robert Burns says:

      You are off by more than a few years Timmy. The planet earth is a little over 4.5 BILLION years young.

      • Bill Geerts says:

        I agree with Tim

        Biblical and historical accounts dont support the billions,

        Neither does the weathering patterns on the rockies, or other mountain structures throut the world. And you can get a sense of that process by observing rock cuts in new highways if your perceptive.

        The quantity and activity of our volcanic regions also supports only 6000 years.

        Also Can you imagine how big the Sun would have had to be to last that long.
        The Earth would have burnt up with no opportunity for atmosphere or life.

        I mean really… Billions of years… no chance of that.
        So yes shake in your boots because there is a God, We will meet our maker, and this society failing fast shall change or … Last time was a flood and he Promised with a rainbow not to do that again so … probably a big fire…

        I am going to be on the Rapture baby… Wish you luck.

    • Alex says:

      Tim: are you always this stupid, or is today a special occasion?

      • Alex's dad says:

        Alex: is today a special occasion, or does sarcasm usually go straight over your head? Asking to clarify flyable airspace for Sarcasm Airlines®.

    • El Dee says:

      You know, if you actually *read* “your” great book, you find that it’s filled with such hatred, and outdated concepts that scream “written by some grifter 400 years ago”.

    • Brian says:

      You sir are an amazing troll. I salute you.

    • Shawn says:

      Ignorant nonsense.

  2. Dave says:

    This is amazing. That something from so long ago can be so well preserved. Its amazing that the earth has been around for millions of years and our short existence is perpetual ignorance

  3. Christine says:

    You seriously need to do some research, Timothy.

  4. Grandma says:

    Here in Texas we have a very small descendant. We call it “horned toad”.

    • Bill says:

      Actually, the horned toad is a reptile, and dinosaurs are no longer considered reptiles, but are put into a separate group along with birds. The horned toad is an example of convergent evolution. Birds and bats are another example.

  5. Wesley says:

    Timmy, that might have been the humor we all needed to get through 2020. Thank you!

  6. Steve says:

    Thatis an interesting theory. Where does the 6000 year timeline come from? What evidence is there to support that?

  7. Lynn Westmoreland says:

    You seriously need to get your head out of the sand.

  8. Howard says:

    Campfire stories which eventually got written down aren’t exactly science, Timothy. The Bible has great value, IMO, but you have to sort through the myths and other stuff. The truest book is within us. The most spiritual people have their focus there, IMO. And it is the source of our wisdom which tells us what is good science, what is fable and so on. Everything about the Earth and it’s species speaks of eons of development. Religions must reconcile the overwhelming evidence for this, not the other way around.

  9. Melody says:

    I agree, Howard

  10. Shirley S says:

    Don’t you people ever watch you tube. In Isreal they are constantly making discoveries that support the truth of the Bible!! God does exist & Timmy is right. The Earth is only 6 thousand years old. There is proof of Noah’s flood all over the world. Quit being blind to other evidence of the age & be big enough to let other facts be considered.

    • Bill H Geerts says:

      Im a bible believer too… Too much faith in carbon dating here… Really? Like who has been around enough to reconcile that?

      I have more wisdom in other comments that I’m not repeating any more.

  11. James says:

    The earth is millions of yrs old, but humans are only about 6 thousand yrs. Old. I believe

  12. Kyle says:

    The bible.

  13. Colleen says:

    [email protected]
    I have a problem with the bible thumpers. Your bible claims that various peopleived for hundreds if not thousands of years and begat multiple generations. Fit that into your 6000 year timeline. Historical finds are being discovered all over the wod that have proven our planet is over 6000 years old. Read a book, watch history channel, do research.

  14. Jon says:

    2 peter 3:8-9 says a day for him is like a thousand years so when God created the earth it says he did it in 7 days so that’s 7000 years so tim and shirley your claim is already off going off the word but hey everyone to their own🙂

    • Summer says:

      Jon if you re-read Genesis chapter one, you would find that a day for a thousand years wouldn’t work. The dry land and vegetation was created on the 3rd day, and the sun, moon and stars on the 4th day. If you apply the day for a thousand years, the vegetation would have perished before the 4th day of creation.

  15. L says:

    You serious bro?

  16. Earnest Emry says:

    Well my ancesters are 60 to 70 thousand yrs of history I think the God thing is out dated by alot of yrs

  17. Earnest Emry says:

    Well my ancesters have been on this earth for 60 to 70 thousand yrs the God thing you claim has not imsight of humanity

  18. Dan says:

    People amaze me this rock we call home age and man’s existence are 2 different subjects this dinosaur bones are proff that this planet is older then us humans I said have anybody ever seen a dinosaur walking around

  19. Loren says:

    How is it that in a post about an AMAZING discovery, there’s multiple whacks who think a book that’s been edited by thousands of people, is fact and this is fiction?

    • Bill H Geerts says:

      Lauren sweetheart, I recommend you read it. Start at the New Testament, 2/3 of the way thru. That is the meat and potatoes of the Bible. The Jesus part. The preceding old testament is about early times and fortells the coming of the saviour. My version of the Bible explains the history on each page, even comparing the language of the day. The detail is amazing and with history indicated the lessons are incredible. You will never see another book with more wisdom or knowledge, but dont believe me, Check for yourself. It’s only the number one book in the world since they started writing books… Really!

      All the best!

  20. Robert says:

    What an amazing discovery. As far as the only 6000 year old thing, wow. Really!?

  21. Bruce Carlson says:

    First of all…. Noah and his band of Sons & Species floated around what was technically Asia Minor… The Middle East. .. .. Any other signs of flooding were from the Ice Age… .. which were about 50,000 years ago… I live in Michigan, believe me when I say that those ice samples taken in Antarctica?…. They don’t lie. .. Men & Women go to school for YEARS to learn how to read ice… Kinda similar to telling the age of the Redwoods, in Sequoia National Park, CA… … … … Neanderthal. Cro Magnon. The Mastodon. The Mammoth…. Nobody’s ever found the remains of Adam & Eve, correct?
    If they did…. They’d know to look for the naval (belly button)… And, if they had two sons?… And Cain killed Abel… How & the name of CHRIST did we get to this point?

  22. Eva says:

    Seldom do we human’s have ALL THE PIECES.

  23. simon says:

    How can you call other people blind if they havent seen some youtube vidoes but base their arguments on science?? Arent you the one that is ignorant and ignores science??

  24. Shailey says:

    Preach 🙏🏼 In recent years, there have been scientists who have set out to prove that the earth is millions of years old, but they couldn’t prove anything or actually find any physical evidence for it. Even National Geographic has acknowledged proof of the credibility of a young earth.

  25. Proof…and the proof that their is a creator is what exactly?
    An all knowing and all powerful being, that gave us free will, only to punish us for using said free will. Loves us unconditionally, except if we don’t love them we are cast into hell. Noone has seen said God, each major religion says that they are the right way to believe… seems to me this Creator is very disorganized, where they would put temptation, allow for a being they created “Satan” to temp his creation and thusly punish said creation for the temptation and tender they put in to place….sounds very narcissistic.

  26. Brad says:

    Colleen, the oldest living person of record is Methuselah, and he live to be 900 something and actually died 1 week before the Deluge (Noah’s flood). This fits into a 6,000 year timeline with great ease. Obviously you are not cognizant of the problems with carbon dating that was well known by everyone and openly debated through the 1970’s and into the 1980’s. Carbon dating has been shown to be fairly accurate up to 800 years, but once past that time, it exponentially gets more inaccurate. This used to be common knowledge, but didn’t fit the paradigm of secular scientists that control the scientific journals and universities, therefore they voted to make carbon dating the standard and shut out everyone who disagreed, i.e. blacklisted them.

  27. MamaSmalls says:

    Timothy, thank you for standing up for the Truth about the earth’s age!

  28. Solmyr says:

    You and Timothy are living examples that we as a species do not deserve to survive. Citing YouTube as a reference? Also, the book you venerate so much is a derivative of, among others, the Torah. Yahweh, Lord of Hosts and all that, yes? Well, that book includes supposed historical records of dynasties that predated Judah(Israel), some by 40,000 years. So either the book is contradicting you, meaning you’re wrong, or, the book is wrong and you are too.

  29. stephen Scantlin says:

    So your saying that petrified wood is only……..!! Come on now!! It takes charcoal around 300,000,000 years to form! Proof is in the pudding, or should I say fossils!!!

  30. Meleann says:

    Tim is correct! You ask how do we know that the Earth is over 6000 years old!
    From the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible! Believers and unbelievers both always question the lengthy Genealogy of families in scripture. Most find it tedious & unnecessary reading. Well I’m here to bring light to all who are in the dark! The Genealogy written is for the purpose of telling time. From Adam the first Man created on the 6th day of earth’s creation down thru the centuries until this present day!day.

  31. Sherry Flamand says:

    Awesome. Hope to see you soon.

  32. Jim says:

    And you forgot to mention the end of the sentence “…and a thousand years as one day.”

  33. Aldina says:

    I can laugh my belly off…. A variety of believes and lots of sense of humor. The Creator is talented in diversity…for sure! A real Artist!

  34. Ds says:

    Tim, I was thinking the same thing. It was preserved because it wasn’t that old. More evidence of a world wide flood. It’s sad to think others will mock us for believing something that takes less faith than evolution. There’s so much happenstance and impossible statistics in evolution. It literally makes no sense and the science is all very circular and self cross referencing. We have all been taught evolution as fact but there are compelling arguments and science that support a young earth but most just scoff and call names rather than to look at the research. it makes me sad people would rather believe in randomness than a Creator who loves them terribly.

  35. Pierre says:

    Well creation 6000 years ago and a 4.5 billion old earth may not be a contradiction. Who was there to witness both?

  36. Marissa says:

    My Mommom once asked me if I knew how oil was made in the ground. I didn’t know so she told me it was formed by the dead dinosaurs in the ground. If they weren’t on this earth millions of years ago we wouldn’t be where we are today as humans. She said God always has a plan, & everything is connected. You can believe in both science & religion 👍

  37. Eros says:

    You know, the Bible is a collection of books, stories. Each story was passed down from word of mouth until it got translated into a book. Then that was translated from other languages. The bible you read is not the original Bible. The language in the Bible varies widely from each version you read. It’s someone’s interpretation of other people’s stories. If you think about Adam and Eve, maybe there was an Adam and Eve, but that’s the first memories of existence, the earliest recorded memory of God…. They were born into a garden, but how did that garden get there? Millions of years worth of evolution and, through storytelling over generations, those millions of years seemed like 7 days because we didn’t know what happened before we came along except that our God must have created this Earth for us…

    The Bible, regardless of your religious views, is the story of God as seen through the eyes of storytellers. If you’re athiest, that means a bunch of myths. If you’re Christian, that means you should take it with a grain of salt. It’s unreliable.

  38. Alex says:

    Seems odd to me that this discovery would be published in a Homes and Architecture magazine and not something more scientific.

  39. Vince says:

    Our recorded history is roughly that old but we know enough about how planets are formed and if you are talking about Christian theology then I would still disagree. The Bible says we don’t understand how God sees things and that a 1000 years is but a day in God’s eyes.

  40. Babybubbles says:

    Ok well if that is true there were billions of years in which the planet was occupied before the ark if that actually happened. And if the world was only 6000 years old then how are the dinosaurs dead from the asteroid And humanity is not hummm?

  41. Ari says:

    Sharon Anne Shade I’m with you on that! I asked my mum about the timing of Creation in the Bible when I was little and she explained that a day for Him probably isn’t like day for us and it made so much sense. And definitely allows for the Earth to be older like science describes

  42. Alessandra says:

    I believe in the creator, and still believe in the age of the planet in millions and even billions of years. Stop thinking you’re the smartest person in a room full of people that have barely broken out of the caves, in respect to time and the ancientness of things we were not alive to witness.

  43. Maddie Poete says:

    Wow… the stupid… It burns…
    Why did I scroll down this far?
    Why did i bother reading the comments?
    Save yourself, gentle reader! Read no more of this tripe!
    Science for the win.

  44. Glenn says:

    You young earth people are frikin nuts.

  45. Odie says:

    Your young earth creation theory has been debunked in so many ways at this point even holding this “theory” at this point is a intentional attempt at being wrong.

    This find leaves no statement on the age of the creature being young. Just that the skin and internals at intact. Which would still happen in fosilization. This is similar to Mary Schweitzer soft tissue discover, in which if you actually read the scientific papers by this Christian you would also find it does not support your Theory.

  46. Princess Conseula Banana Hammock says:

    Hey Timmy you do realize God isn’t real right? That little book was made up by a man with a fantastic imagination at best.

  47. Matt says:

    Carbon dating, poor small brained Timmy.

  48. Steven says:

    These comments and this dude needs to chill out just read the article and keep your fantasy to your self.

  49. Betsy Huntington says:

    I think that you are all trying to compare apples to pecans. Having a spirtual connection to life is not the same as analysing dinosaur remains. I can do both and I know life as a spiritual thing is so awesome, even a little ant is incredible. We waste time and energy in these foolish arguments.

  50. Wendy says:

    I would be more inclined to believe you if you said God wiped the dinosaurs off the face of the earth in order to put mankind on it.
    But that would only enforce my belief that mankind is a cancer to the earth destroying its forests, killing off its animal inhabitants by overconsumption and destruction of their habitats, poisoning its water and air, rendering the pla net inhospitable for all life.
    We seriously need to wipe ourselves off the face of the earth for the planet to have a chance to recuperate.

  51. Emilia says:

    Couldnt have said it better

  52. Andrew says:

    Oh cool a dragon. No really, it’s a dragon folks

  53. Sarah says:

    Weird that there are archeological finds with paint older than that. Or even petrified sea mollusks at the tops of mountains. 6k years eh? Sheesh. Trolling or actually think that?

  54. Xat says:

    24 hours is based on the circumference of the Earth and the speed with which it revolves about its axis. Let’s just say the Earth is 24,000 miles in circumference and it spins at about 1,000 mph. 24000 miles / 1000 mph = 24 hours. It’s not exact but that’s our concept of a day based on an intrinsic property of our planet.

  55. Jakita Saint-Trelour says:

    Agreed Timothy! So very true 🙏🏾🙂

  56. Candace says:

    Exactly, the Grand Canyon was formed from the flood waters of Noah’s flood rushing away.

  57. Rebekah says:

    Are you being serious? If so, perhaps you should quit watching YouTube.

  58. Sheri says:

    Actually the planet is middle aged. 4.5 billion years since the chemical evolution , with about 4.5 bliom more years to exist until our star, the sun, burns out. Coupled with surface heat on earth exceeding 400 degrees F after years of accelerated global warming, within about one million years.

  59. Clifford Neal says:

    Many comments above demonstrate that few folks seem to actually understand the Bible. The age of the earth is not dealt with in the text but only that time was never measured till 6000 years ago with the fall of mankind from the grace of God. The concept of time did not exist till then. It is a deep subject that requires faith and reason to work together to be understood and also many years of dedicated study. It is our means of exploring who God is and our relationship to Him. It is not intended to be a scientific exploration of the earth.

  60. Clarence Dykes says:

    God’s and man’s concept of time are not equal,in the blink of an eye,God’s eye blinks and thousands of years have passed for us,same as a fly’s entire life is to us but two weeks! we measure time by the rotation of the earth,the orbit around the sun.To God a single day may be a billion years to us!He created the beasts,and he created man but everything changes,nothing stays the same ,the bible itself says man will create great wonders before the end of time,I think we will go to the stars unless we destroy ourselves.look at the change from just 1,500 to 2021. We do evolve ! God created more than you can imagine! more worlds than you can count,as our solar system resembles a single atom a galaxy may be a creature,one galaxy may be but part of something that a hundred galaxies are part of,beyond what you can conceive !Do not pretend to know more than a mortal mind ,you could never comprehend God’s mind. ,God does exist and what you think is 4,500 years may well be 4-1/2 billion years to God,

  61. Ian says:

    Tim trolled and you all went for it…

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