Recycled Bath Towel Rug – Tutorial


If you have some old bath towels at home and made a plan to throw them out, stop what you’re doing! You should know by now, that everything can be recycled and old things can turn into new ones in an instant. Such is the case with bath towels too, as you can turn them into nice area rugs. If you have several old towels, you can even sew them together to create a colorful rug for your home and even create a rug that will match your other decorations. To learn more about this project and its step, watch the video below…

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  1. Linda Marie says:


  2. Deanne says:

    Love the idea! Lots of ways to do it your way, eg instead of cutting the strips I’d consider using my over locker to cut and overlock to stop fraying etc much better down the road when you need to wash it, less fluff and unravelling. Would be a great mat in front of kitchen sink to stand on when doing dishes. If movement is an issue on floors just put one of those non slip gripping shelf liners from the dollar store under it! Should’ve watched this in the morning now my brain has gone into overload as to what I can “use” <3

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