Refined and Very Attractive Log Home


Wooden houses are known to be particularly attractive. Construction of wooden houses (timber, log) has a long history. Lovely wooden creations of ancient architects, preserved to this day, still can not stop admiring their splendor, majesty and durability. Today the tradition of wood construction reborn. Infinitely improved, architecture wooden cabin, returns to our everyday lives.
Refined and very attractive, this wooden house in chalet style of logs, will adorn any country or village. The special decoration of the house is on one side a semicircular attic window, and on the other hand a large balcony….. I want to live here!




14 Responses to “Refined and Very Attractive Log Home”

  1. jeff forbus says:

    would like to learn more on this home if possible. thanks

  2. Stephanie A. says:

    Would love to have the plans for this home…

  3. Dalila says:

    that window is called an “eyebrow window” and where can I view more and prices please?

  4. kamil says:

    I want to learn more about this home, if possible. Interested in price plans or contact the company please help thank you my mail [email protected]

  5. Tina Neujahr says:

    I want more information on these houses. They look amazimg

  6. Debbie Milgate says:

    Does it have a bell rating?

  7. FreDD says:

    Would really like to see floor plan and more info on Chalet style home

  8. Dave evans says:

    Will you be able to send me a copy of the plans please

  9. Sandra worth am says:

    do you have plans for the small cabin with the grass on the roof?

  10. Meranda says:

    I would like info on floor plans and pricing in the area of muskingum, perry, and morgan county please.

  11. mark says:

    Any info on the chalet style cabin at the top of page?

  12. jdpaul says:

    Did anyone get the manufacture or floor plans for this cabin? If so would you post?

  13. jupp says:

    I know the house No. 1 – photo in front.
    you can find it in Germany, near Berlin.
    …in ‘Storkow’ on the lake

  14. Martin Daniel WERE says:

    I come from Papua New Guinea and I have sufficient woods available to biuld such a pretty wood home. Therefore, can a kind hearted architecture lend me his or her designs for the top of the page so I can biuld one for myself, thank you.

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