Relogged House by Balbek Bureau Reinterprets Traditional Log Cabins

Balbek Bureau, a Kyiv-based architecture studio, has undertaken a modern reinterpretation of a traditional log cabin in Ukraine with the transformation of the Relogged house. Deviating from the conventional log cabin interiors, the three-bedroom cabin features horizontally stacked logs that are deliberately left exposed throughout the interior. Inspired by the industrial and utilitarian aesthetics of American fashion designer Rick Owens, the studio aimed to depart from the classic log cabin style that characterized the pre-existing interior. The logs, originally a lighter shade closer to natural wood color, were trimmed and repurposed to create a more industrial finish, embracing a clean geometry with minimalistic lines and an open space on the first floor achieved by removing non-bearing log beams and walls.

Balbek Bureau’s approach to the Relogged house reflects a deliberate effort to redefine the traditional log cabin archetype, infusing it with contemporary design elements. The use of stainless steel and concrete, along with the strategic removal of surplus logs and timber, results in a distinctive fusion of rustic charm and modern minimalism. This reinterpretation not only showcases the studio’s commitment to innovation but also underscores the potential for blending traditional architectural forms with cutting-edge design concepts.

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