Repurposed Pallets: DIY Pallet Fence


You already know that we simply love pallets and think they are a great DIY project supply. If you haven’t tried to make anything yet out of pallets, maybe this next idea will inspire you. Old pallets are great to be used in order to build a fence around your home and you can give them a vintage air too. This idea is also an eco-friendly one because you will be recycling an old and used material, creating a beautiful and simple fence in the process. To make the fence you will need: wood pallets, old pickets, a drill and a hammer. The old pickets can come from a previous fence, this way you can merge the old and the new things and create a beautiful eclectic mixture. Cut the pallet boards, combine them with the pickets and fix them in places. You can also paint the entire fence or only some parts of it, depending on your taste and free time. Once done, this new fence will become a key element of your home. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends too. Read more details in the link below..


Re-purposing pallets – Hometalk

3 Responses to “Repurposed Pallets: DIY Pallet Fence”

  1. Elizabeth Sagarminaga says:

    Pallet fences look very good. They are manageable and need little maintenance. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the fences at your place with all of us here. I, too, am very fond of fences and take extra care of them as fences help make my yard look even more beautiful.

    • Mister Bluedevil says:

      Very well said. I was debating on Pallet fences vs Traditional fences. And I have been on the fence (so to speak) And since you put it so eloquently. I’m pretty sure I will go with a Pallet fence. Thanks for being the tie breaker.



  2. Suz says:

    What if you wanted a fence that is half that height? You wouldn’t need the old pickets from the old fence. You could just cut down the slats in the pallet to whatever design you wanted. I think it would be sturdy enough without the top cross bar.

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