Repurposed Wire Spool Ideas


The DIY community has plenty of creative ideas for all kind of projects. This time, we found a nice collection of what you can do with wire spools. Repurposing one in a stylish table is something commonly done. But the way you do it is what really matters. You can opt for a rustic design with antlers and bottles aside it. But you could make a minimalistic, bookcase featuring designwhich will surely be famous among youngsters. Be more fashionable and make a bold set of bright colored table and stools. Or better yet, find the artistic side in you and make an intricate cut-off multi-layered table. Wire spools can be also repurposed to fit other needs as well. A nice wall clock or a comfortable reclining chair are just a couple of such examples. The truth is your imagination can transform an ordinary object into a creative piece of decoration that will surely improve the interior design of your home, in a degree. Browse through the images featuring this sort of repurposing projects from around the world and be inspired to come up with your very own design. And implement it in your home! You won’t regret it!






7 Responses to “Repurposed Wire Spool Ideas”

  1. lynn says:

    i love every thing good job

  2. Michelle Gill says:

    That barrel chair on the first page is great. Add a few thin cushions and I’d be in that thing all day.

  3. Annita says:

    I love the chair…actually all of it

  4. Xenia stefanescu aquatic says:

    I love the idea i love recicling.i hate wasting.we waste far too much.

  5. shaun young says:

    Wire spools

  6. Karen says:

    Love it all,especially the chair! I had hubby bring a spool home for a table but this chair would be perfect for my patio or front porch.

  7. Tilesbay says:

    I love everything good job!!!

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