Rock Adventure Van: Leisure vehicle with bathroom


Going on road adventures can be a lot of fun. Especially when you are traveling with the impressive Hymercar Ayers Rock van! This will allow you to explore as you seem fit whilst still having the proper amount of comfort right at your side. The van showcased here is no ordinary one. Easily accommodating 4, the car built upon the chassis of a Fiat Ducato, features a full size kitchen, compact bathroom with boiler, and even a rooftop bed for those nights when you want to see the stars better while you fall asleep. It’s actually quite a mini-estate on wheels! Thanks to Hymer, the motorhome and camper van manufacturer, such a vehicle can be yours. Browse through the photos go see it from close..







8 Responses to “Rock Adventure Van: Leisure vehicle with bathroom”

  1. Vu duc long says:

    How much money is this?

  2. Metin BİLGİNER says:

    Bunun fiyatı ne kadardir?

  3. Ejiro says:

    Pls how much can I buy this for and what country is it?

  4. Lamd41977 says:

    Starts at $45,000

  5. Tabs says:

    What class of DL do you need to drive this vehicle?

  6. Timothy O’Neil says:

    Do you have a dealership in USA?

  7. Kay Grogan says:

    I want a larger freezer option and less refrigerator.

  8. N.Spencer Sothoron III says:

    What other options are there?

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