Rooftop Deck Container Home

Who would have thought that a shipping container can be easily transformed into a very modern-looking tiny house? This tiny home with a cool rooftop deck can be found in Long Beach, California and is 160 square feet. The 20’ shipping container made of wood was converted into a home and has an additional front deck beside the one on the rooftop. The small but welcoming interior was decorated in a simple way, using warm colors so the entire space looks bright and clean.

It has a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower, and a small living area. But thanks to its decks, the container looks more spacious as you have several places where you can relax and enjoy the sunlight on a Summer day. Investing into a container house might be a great idea for anyone who is looking to add a tiny guesthouse to their yard, but don’t want to invest a lot of money into building one from scratch.


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