Rugby Football Bear Biscuits


We’re sure some sport fans are also keen on homemade food. There is something of a connection between watching a sporting event on TV and making some creative dish in the kitchen. That’s why we thought of a nice treat for the next time you’ll be watching your favorite team try and get a win. These bear biscuits aren’t hard to make. Sure, you have to pay attention to some little details. But the trick that will make your little sweet bear treats look more like football players lies in a simple ingredient: almonds. You can buy packs of them in the store and simply place them in the hands of the bear-shaped biscuits. Follow the recipe and check out the video tutorial to see how fast and not that difficult it is to make some homemade sport dessert like this. A total baking time of 20 minutes will allow you to set up everything before the game starts. You could also replace the almonds with some M&M candies if you’d like to have some variety in your treat options.

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