A Scandinavian Floating Sauna in Maine, Crafted During the Pandemic by Ravenhill Studio

In the picturesque coastal landscape of Islesford, Maine, a unique and serene addition has emerged on the shoreline – the Sea Sauna project. Crafted during the pandemic downtime by the talented duo Brenden Ravenhill and Margie Garrison from Ravenhill Studio, this 8′ x 6′ cedarwood spa stands as a testament to creativity and resourcefulness. Situated in the childhood stomping grounds of Brenden Ravenhill, the Sea Sauna floats gracefully on the cold waters of the Islesford harbor, providing a warm retreat during the year’s milder seasons.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese architecture seen during Ravenhill’s 2019 trip to Tokyo, the Sea Sauna embodies simplicity and compact elegance. The cedarwood structure takes center stage, echoing the principles of minimalist design. What makes this floating sanctuary even more remarkable is the commitment to sustainability and community involvement. Many of the materials used in its construction have been repurposed and sourced locally, forging a connection with the surrounding environment. The timber frame and flotation components were generously provided by neighboring lobstermen, the finger float discovered amidst an overgrowth of beach rose along the waterfront, and the hearth ingeniously crafted from the remains of a local museum’s slate roof.

The Sea Sauna not only stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity but also serves as a symbol of resilience and collaboration within the community. As it emerges gently on the Islesford harbor, it invites individuals to immerse themselves in the tranquility of its cedarwood embrace, fostering a deep connection between the structure, its surroundings, and the local heritage. This floating oasis not only offers a rejuvenating escape but also showcases the beauty that can emerge from repurposed materials and shared endeavors.

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