Scientists Create ‘Artificial Leaf’ That Sucks CO2 Out of Air and Produces Clean Energy

Finding solutions for cleaning our air quickly and cost-effectively way has puzzled scientists for decades. How could we eliminate CO2 from the air and produce clean energy that can be then re-used?

Plants and trees seem to be essential in finding the answer to this problem as they are capable of absorbing CO2 and transforming it into oxygen.

Yimin Wu, from the University of Waterloo, is the creator of an artificial leaf that mimics the process of photosynthesis and produces methanol and oxygen.

This artificial leaf uses a substance called cuprous oxide which is very easy to make and is used as a catalyst to start photosynthesis.
By producing methanol besides oxygen, it creates a substance that can serve as an alternative for fossil fuels. The next big step in this amazing invention is to scale it for commercial use and serve as a tool in the battle against climate change and big polluters.


‘We call it an artificial leaf because it mimics real leaves and the process of photosynthesis’

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