Sea Glass Christmas Tree


What do you think about this gorgeous Sea Glass Christmas Tree?. This is made by Kristin and is sold on Etsy. We’re excited to share this beach-inspired DIY sea glass Christmas tree craft using your sea glass collection that you’ll want to display every holiday season.
Each tree is made individually. Kristin is an artist working with Seaglass and shells so there will always be a variation, but will always be equally beautiful in design.
These are so unique and well made. One of a kind shell design. A beautiful gift and display this makes. This is available in the link below…

Coastal Turquiose Christmas Sea Glass Tree

The photos are from KPSeashellDesigns Store

Find it HERE…

27 Responses to “Sea Glass Christmas Tree”

  1. Suzanne Cressman says:

    If I sent you sea glass I collected as a child would she make me a tree.

  2. Ginny Roger says:

    The seaglass is not from a beach, it is from a store

  3. Anna Heslep says:

    I absolutely Love your Sea Glass items!

  4. Wendy says:

    Where can I find to purchase tree above – Etsy link doesn’t work

  5. Rose Mary Follari says:

    Is it real sea glass??

  6. Vickie Dannenberger says:

    I’m not sure what everyone else received in the mail but I got a little wire tree with sparsely scattered green bristles stuck into a little fake piece of wood. I want my money back

  7. Kris Blake says:

    A scam – got clear plastic trees not the sea glass trees. Email claims items still in transit – disputing the amount with PayPal now and reported them the the Better Business Bureau and Facebook

  8. Anne Marie says:

    Don’t but it’s Fake, I was scammed grrr cheap dollar store plastic 2″ tree

    • designer says:

      show me the link from where did you buy it from. Thank you.

      • Susan Bullard says:

        After weeks of emails…I finally got a 70% refund from China. Ordered from Angermart. Obvious why it’s called that.

    • Julia Ree says:

      I was also scammed. Just sent complaint to PayPal. Uses real artist photo, but bait and switch with crap from Dollar Tree. It’s on Facebook. Use Sea Glass Christmas Tree in search feature. They come up about 10th. Beware Adelinan or Geilibuy.

  9. Millie Mc says:

    I got the same crap! Dollar Tree bent, half-flocked tree, NO sea glass! Also ordered hand crafted starfish and received cheap plastic. Don’t buy!!

  10. Loretta Cook says:

    I sent for a sea glass tree. Got a PLASTIC tree‼️

  11. Stephanie Kreitner says:

    I demand a full refund. Total scam!

  12. Diane says:

    The same thing just happened to me.

  13. Mary D says:

    I got the same cheap flocked tree – not a Seaglass tree

  14. Mary says:

    I too ordered the Seaglass tree and got the cheap flock bole brush tree

  15. Melissa says:

    Same thing happened to me .. So annoyed ..

  16. Virginia Forte says:

    I just received 2 tiny clear plastic pieces of tree shaped junk! Those lousy Chinese scammers!
    Can anything be done?
    How do we get our money back?

  17. Suzanne Ryan says:

    I ordered 3 I was going to give them for Christmas presents . Ordered in October just received plastic resin and one is broken!

  18. Laura O'Neill says:

    I ordered a Seaglass 5″ tree — it was ‘buy one get 2 free” . Date ordered 11/6/20. Have not rec’d to date. What’s the deal? A scam?

  19. Marcia Myers says:

    I believe i ordered one of your trees quite a while back for a Christmas gift. I have not received it and want to know when to expect it.

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