Secret Forest Pavilion’s Steel Structure Spirals Around Three Trees in South Korea

Nestled within the lush landscapes of South Korea, NEXT architects unveils the Secret Forest pavilion, a striking testament to harmonious integration with nature. Spiraling gracefully around three towering trees, the pavilion, crafted primarily from corten steel, exudes an organic aesthetic that seamlessly blends with its verdant surroundings. As part of the Anyang Public Art Project 7 (APAP7), this architectural marvel offers visitors a unique experience, delicately encapsulating a fragment of the forest within its structure. Perched atop Samseongsan mountain, the pavilion redefines the traditional notion of a vantage point, inviting visitors to forge a deep connection with the natural environment.

Upon entering the pavilion’s central space, visitors are greeted by the solitary presence of the enclosed trees, accentuating their isolation within the larger forest. However, as they traverse the circular pathway outside, the trees seamlessly reintegrate with the surrounding woodland, blurring the boundaries between man-made and natural realms. The strategic design elements employed by the NEXT architects team guide visitors’ gaze, offering diverse perspectives of the landscape and fostering a sense of awe and wonder. Through the ingenious use of reflective stainless steel, the pavilion creates mesmerizing visual illusions, further immersing visitors in an enchanting world where reality and perception intertwine amidst the whispering leaves and dappled sunlight of the Secret Forest.

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