Shipping Containers Used As Garden Rooms


Many people argue that shipping containers are not really suited for an actual home. There is maybe some truth in that statement, but it’s also a fact that these large bulky materials are perfect for house designers and DIY enthusiasts. Even though, at first, the container seems hard and compact, it’s actually easy to work with, if there’s a will and a creative plan to transform it into a genuine living space. Maybe not an actual-size residence, but definitely a stylish garden room! You can choose a more casual, open design, with a low investment, but all the same interesting results. In this case, much attention must be given to decorations and design details. An overhead protection will provide a lot of comfort in those sunny warm days as well as basic protection in the cases where rain will surprise your afternoons. There is always the option for investing strongly in one of these shipping container garden rooms. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels give it a more welcoming ambiance while modern furniture will make the interior design look more like a true residence’s. And not to forget, a careful thought deck will go perfectly in any of the above mentioned cases. Position some of your lovely plants in this setting and the inhabitants of the DIY garden room will never realize that the `walls` are actually part of a shipping container. Look at some of the ideas people around the world have implemented using shipping containers and find the design that best suits you.



Eco-Friendly House Made From Shipping Containers

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